Hillary Clinton Fainting Again? Clutches Railings In First Appearance After Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton Fainting Again? Clutches Railings In First Appearance After Pneumonia
Hillary Clinton Gage Skidmore / Flickr cc
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What's This?

It seemed that the Hillary Clinton health issue is far from over even after spending several days of rest due to pneumonia. On her first public appearance after the fainting incident Sunday, Clinton was seen clutching the railing.


The video that shows Clinton clutches railing while climbing up the stair of a private plane has been uploaded on YouTube and got thousands of views less than a day after it was posted Thursday. She was chewing a gum all throughout this drill.

Mixed Reactions

The same video generated mixed reactions form netizens from words of good health for the 68-year-old presidential candidate to disgust. Even Clinton’s gum chomping style didn’t go unnoticed by the commenters.

Commenter JR Thomas said in her comment that Clinton’s security team appeared panicked during the entire time while the former secretary of state was climbing the stairs.

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“No, the Secret Service will be delighted for November the 8th once she loses or dies before then with her bad neurosyphilis health issues. The only thing they dread is that she might burn their careers before November 8th. So that is 54 days for freedom for the Secret Service,” YouTube user Limerickman commented in response to JR Thomas’ comment.

‘I Feel Good’

A strangely coincident happened that put Clinton in an awkward situation when she plays James Brown’s epic song ‘I Feel Good’. At first, there seemed to be no strange or awkward about her choice of song as it somehow seemed appropriate song to play, especially on her first day from a few days rest.

But what’s awkward about the song is that it was actually sung and popularized by the legendary soul icon, James Brown who died of pneumonia. It’s a public knowledge that Clinton went on a days off rest after contracting pneumonia. Some even theorized that she had more serious medical condition, including Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy, among others.

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