Hillary Clinton Dying In 18 Months? Facts About Vascular Dementia And Symptoms Seen In Candidate

Hillary Clinton Dying In 18 Months? Facts About Vascular Dementia And Symptoms Seen In Candidate
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The Democrats’ presidential candidate Hillary Clinton health issue has been lingering since the day one of the campaign period. The latest one claimed that she hasn’t recovered from the 2012 head injury and she only has a maximum of 18 months to live. But is it really the right time to abandon this possibility?


Considering the nature of work and the stress that comes with the work of the president of the most powerful nation in the world today, the president’s health is a paramount concern that every party should not ignore.

Citing a medical professor, who claimed to have taught in 3 US medical institutions, report from Express said the 68-year-old presidential candidate is battling with vascular dementia, a serious degenerative disease that affects older adults.

“We can see Hillary demonstrating problems with motor movement, with verbal communication, with forgetfulness and weakness. Subcortical vascular dementia is an especially difficult form of the disease because it is affects the brain stem, which controls many of the primitive functions of our bodies,” the professor was quoted as saying.

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“Hillary Clinton is sick and likely dying. I am not making this up or overstating this. This is typical of the progression of vascular dementia. Her cognition and mentation are noticeably affected. Very soon she will be cognitively unable to fulfill the office and requirements of the presidency,” the professor said further.

Hillary Clinton Health – What is vascular Dementia?

This condition, is characterized by the sudden change in thinking skills caused by an obstruction of the blood vessels that transport oxygen to the brain, the Alzheimer’s Association noted.

Symptoms include the following:

  • Memory loss
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Trouble speaking or understanding speech
  • Vision loss

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Hillary Clinton Health Rumors

While Clinton herself has categorically denied rumors that she is suffering from a serious illness that could derail her candidacy, the speculations are just simply not dying that easily. While the discussions surrounding her well-being used to be confined within conspiracy theorists, now the topic is also being discussed in mainstream media.

With Clinton’s e-mail scandal, aside from the issue of national security, the president wannabe’s health was questioned anew, the Boston Globe reported.

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It’s a public knowledge that Clinton had a concussion back in 2012, which, according to her critics, is something that should not be taken lightly. This concussion, together with frequent coughing, could altogether be an indication that the former Secretary of State could be suffering from a serious medical condition, the Raw Story reported.

Despite the repeated shrugging off of accusations of hiding a serious medical condition, Cinto’s critics are not giving up. One of them was CNN’s Political Commentator Carl Bernstein, who urged Clinton to release her medical records and face the media, the BreitBart reported.

Clinton’s Vascular Dementia

Bernstein said Clinton should “release her medical records, and spend an hour with the press talking about her health, that she also release those texts of the speeches before Goldman Sachs, say, as she did about foreign policy, and her vote on the war, I’ve learned from my mistakes, the American people want me to be more open.”

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Early this week, the Washington Post just published a report with a headline ‘Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?‘, which draws the ire of some analysts for misunderstanding Clinton’s medical condition.

Sure, that unless Clinton herself once and for all faces the media or release her medical report, questions about her health will linger, whether she likes it or not.

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  • Joe H.

    18 months to live? ……too bad it can’t be 18 days…

  • jensensah

    18 months to long!

  • Douglas Newbury

    Regardless of your political view or belief system, if you’re seriously wishing for her death, you should be ashamed of yourself. She’s made irreversible mistakes, but wishing death upon someone doesn’t fit the crime.

    • yeah

      fuck you cunt I hope your mother gets raped

    • Henrich Koch

      The clintons are responsible for numerous murders of they’re own accord, I’m not ashamed just for wishing it.

    • Dr_Zinj

      I wish death on the murderers of my wife’s uncle.
      I wish that I could have wished death on the kidnappers and murderers of my great uncle, and the attempted kidnappers of my great aunt.
      I haven’t the least bit of shame for that.

      • Douglas Newbury

        Nor should you, every rule has it’s exceptions. The difference here is your murderer has literally taken a life, Hillary is alleged to have put several in-danger. Neither quite deserve the same punishment- one should pay his life for the other, one should prove she wasn’t responsible or that she at least did it for reasons justifyable in court. I get your point but I think that unless we look at each individual person, we’re being lazy with who we wish bad things upon.

        • Dr_Zinj

          Hmmm. That being the case, then I guess I’m justified in wishing Hillary suffers a stroke, partial loss of vision, limps and walks into door jams for the rest of her life; seeing as that’s what her instigation of Travelgate caused for Blanche Dale (since that poor lady worked for me for nearly 2 years.)

          • Douglas Newbury

            Yes, I suppose that’d be a more accurate wish. Although I still personally believe in the justice system, no matter how slow. But that’s just my opinion of the matter. I haven’t had the experience necessary for a mind change on this, which I also believe is important, because we actually need people who are biased about something and we need people who are more ignorant about the same thing, progress continues everyday because of that. That had nothing to do with what we’re talking about but it was what was in my heart for some reason

  • Dr_Zinj

    Having lived through, cared for, and watched a very close relative succumb to vascular dementia, Hillary’s behavior matches hers almost exactly. What I’d really like to see is a scan of Hillary’s brain. If she has vascular dementia; we’d likely see a lot of itty bitty black spots from micro-strokes. Progression of the disease is episodic, where the person cruises along at their normal level, and then suddenly drops in cognitive or motor capability as a clot kills another spot in the brain. Cruises a while, and then drops more. Until it finally leaves them incapable of caring for, or thinking for themselves. And eventually kills them.
    What scares me is that someone in that condition may just decide that if they’re going to die; they want to take as many people with them as they can.