Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump First Presidential Debate: Time, Date, Place & Everything You Need To Know

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump First Presidential Debate: Time, Date, Place & Everything You Need To Know
Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH Marc Nozell/FlickrCC BY 2.0

Should the respective presumptive nominees of the Democratic and Republican parties, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, clinch the nominations, they will be seen debating one another on the same stage in September.


On September 26, 2016, the first presidential debate will be held. Hosted by Wright University in Dayton, Ohio, the first debate, beginning at 9 p.m. ET, will be aired on all major networks.

The first debate will be extremely crucial as no Republican has been elected president without clinching victory in Ohio. As reported by Heavy.com, President Barack Obama won in the state in both of his elections.

The details of the subsequent are as follows:

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  1. The second debate will be held on October 9, 2016, at the Washington University, St. Louis.
  2. The third debate will be held on October 19, 2016, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  3. The vice presidential debate will be held on October 4, 2016, at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

As reported by ABC News, former secretary of state Clinton said she is “looking forward” to meeting Trump in a debate, adding that it will be a “singular moment in American history.”

“I think it would be a singular moment in American history, because I think I’ll have chance to make clear why I believe why he is not qualified and temperamentally unfit to be president,” she said.

Trump, on the other hand, expressed his inclination to debate with Clinton more than just the three scheduled times.

Meanwhile, according to a CNN/ORC poll, Clinton is ahead of Trump in the presidential race. She has 47 percent while the business mogul has 42 percent, with 22 percent voters saying they may change their minds between now and November. However, when Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party are taken into account in the list of considerations, Clinton finds herself at 42 percent, Trump at 38 percent, Johnson at 9 percent and Stein at 7 percent.

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