Hillary Clinton Dead: Clone Threatened By Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton Dead: Clone Threatened By Donald Trump?
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Hillary Clinton dead! This is the new theory that is doing the rounds all over the Internet and social media.


With just a little less than two months left for the U.S. Presidential elections on Nov. 8, the 68-year-old Democratic presidential candidate finds herself in fresh controversies and conspiracy theories every day.

Some of the theories are as hilarious as they can get — a figment of imagination of some scheming mind? The claims are too sweeping to believe.

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The latest of a host of claims is that Hillary Clinton was “eliminated” in 1998 and now she has been replaced by a clone for the elections, Snopes reports. There are several rumors of the Democratic presidential candidate like she has a lesbian lover – Huma Abedin.

Besides, it is claimed that due to her ill health condition she is using a body double, she is murdered, and many more. The list is endless.

The rumors started with the U.S presidential campaign kicking off. It is said that the former secretary of state was killed in 1998, and now she is represented by one of her many clones.

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Clinton’s health has been a serious issue when several times during the course of her campaigning, she was pictured stumbling and coughing endlessly. Most of the time, she even needed support to walk.

During the anniversary of the 9/11 commemoration in New York last week, she again stumbled and was rushed to her waiting black van. It was later said that she was suffering from pneumonia and also cancelled her visit to California on the advice of her doctor.

However, strangely enough, she was pictured outside her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s apartment in the afternoon the same day. She spoke to a small child and even hugged and posed with her.

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But, there is a catch! Though Clinton’s outfit and everything seemed to the same as she wore for the commemoration, she looked slimmer and her face looked longer.

It gave rise to rumors that she is using a body double. The death rumors also started doing the rounds.

According to the website, the entire Clinton family was eliminated and cloned beneath Camp David. It claims that Huma Abedin is Hillary’s handler, while Chelsea’s husband is her handler, a blog stated on Thursday.

It means that Hillary Clinton has likely to have got her entire memories transferred, stored on computers, and then downloaded to the clone.

The new conspiracy theory claims that since on a Sunday, Hillary does not have a clone left, she uses a body double. Whoa that sounds amazing right, very sci-fi and hilarious to be true!

Meanwhile, Donald Trump suggested that the Secret Service Agents who guard Hillary should “voluntarily disarm” to see what happens to the Democratic candidate. The Republican candidate was speaking at a rally at Miami on Friday, New York Times reports.

“I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. I think they should disarm. Immediately,” he said.

It seemed to be an open threat by Trump to the Hillary Clinton clone? Meanwhile, Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager said that Donald Trump has shown “a pattern of inciting people to violence.”

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  • ErikKC2

    So, once again, Donald Trump suggests Hillary Clinton should be killed. You know, by “those Second Amendment people.” When does a bad joke become incitement?

    Clinton proposes taking guns away from criminals and the mentally ill.

    Trump proposes taking guns away from his opponent’s Secret Service detail.

    Of course, Trump doesn’t need his Secret Service protection, having his own private army.



    Now, let’s have a look at those tax returns.