Hillary Clinton Body Double Busted: Where Is The Real Hillary Now?

Hillary Clinton Body Double Busted: Where Is The Real Hillary Now?
Sen. Hillary Clinton Roger H. Goun / Flickr cc

Hillary Clinton in a shocking revelation, as per reports, is using a body double. The 68-year-old presidential nominee stumbled and was helped into a van by security officers’ while attending the 9/11 ceremony in New York on Sunday.


The video footage has become viral and shows strange metals falling from the Democratic presidential nominee’s pant leg. It has been reported that the video was first posted on the subreddit for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Morning News USA  reported.

Hours later it was revealed that Hillary Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia and advised to rest on Friday. Dr Lisa Bardack reportedly prescribed her antibiotics and advised her to rest and change her schedule.

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“I have just examined her and she is now rehydrated and recovering nicely,” Dr Lisa Bardack said. She added that Hillary Clinton was overheated and dehydrated and had an allergy-related cough at the event in lower Manhattan.

Interestingly, reporters who are with the former secretary of state throughout her campaign did not see her departing the venue. Aides also did not give any explanations about the incident.

A spokesperson for Clinton said that she had gone to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment which was nearby. A video footage of Hillary Clinton later shows her emerging out of Chelsea’s apartment, the same afternoon, AP reports.

“I’m feeling great. It’s a beautiful day in New York,” said Hillary Clinton. She then waves to the crowd and when a little girl comes up to her she puts an arm around her and poses for a picture.

However, she later cancelled her plans to go to California on Monday, CNN reports. Hillary Clinton had a two-day fundraising, campaign events and an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres talk show.

Clinton is seen wearing a navy pantsuit with white top and black pumps. She also wears blue rounded glares.

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In the video footage outside Chelsea Clinton’s apartment, Hillary appears to wear the same outfit and accessories. But, strangely enough, she looks slimmer and even her face looks longer.

As commentators points out the women or allegedly Hillary Clinton body double has no aides and body guards around. It is strange as she always has escorts. If this is the body double of Hillary Clinton, then where the real Hillary is, is the big question.

The presidential nominee looks rather fresh and good in the video footage. She told that she took medicines and “feels great.”

In a twitter picture, the body double appears to carry the handbag on the right shoulder, while Hillary earlier in the day carries the same bag on her left shoulder.

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  • Wilber

    Look at the size of her rear end before and after…………. even Marie Osmond would be jealous. Lost 30 lbs in 90 minutes.

  • Dirty Panties

    double, 4sure! as it should be – she learned it from sudan hussein

    • Kerwin Pierre

      Saddam and Udei.

  • Liz White

    Must be a body double – where are her usual human props to hold her up and screen her from view? Especially the ventriloquist with her hand up Hillary the puppet’s back?

    • She always has people walking near her, to protect her, to hold her up, etc. So this point seems persuasive to me.

      She supposedly has had something like a seizure or stroke. You would never let a person like that stroll out on a hard sidewalk without any nearby support.

      Surely impersonating a presidential candidate is a felony. Get the FBI to interview this woman, the one who came out on the sidewalk by herself.

      • bozzer 52

        Really, the FBI, what a joke!

      • Rob

        We investigated ourselves, and cleared ourselves of any wrong doing.

  • Dan Berry

    I guess she could afford a new pair of shoes, too.

  • Johann Haggard

    Trump 2016: The Definitive Choice of the Ignorant

    • staff office

      Poor lib, you mad that you’re queen is a lie?

      • Paul Schuster

        I am left wing liberal as I can be, and object to you calling Hillary supporters liberals. Clinton is a right wing Neocon Republican pretending to be a Democrat. Those who support her are either Blue Dog Democrats are extremely confused.

        • Derek Cope

          WOW! I really never thought of that, and if true, answers a lot of questions! I am conservative, but hate being called republican.

        • Cindy Holland

          so you mean she is a DINO–democrat in name only?

          • Paul Schuster

            Interesting comment, but I think I get your point. So DINO meaning prehistoric as the animal, and “in name only” meaning she is not progressive, as sort of a slap in the face to my comment. Ok fine. The problem is that DINO democrats, traditional, have always been progressive for the most part, such as FDR, and his new deal, or JFK and the race to the moon, so that analogy is somewhat misleading, but appropriate in some historical cases.
            If we are talking about now, the fact is Hillary Clinton and the DNC all talk to the left, or progressive if you prefer but act to the right.. ie the Iraq War, Syria no fly zone, Libia, Fracking, Regime Change, interfering with Venezuelan politcs and other Latin American interference, and the TPP which is designed not to make a fair trade deal but instead give global corporations total control of our lives. Hillary Clinton sides with the Neocon Neoliberals and even has them supporting her. She should be running as a Republican is my point, and the DNC run party should just merge with them.

      • Johann Haggard

        I am deeply comforted by the fact that you define the aforementioned ignorant Trump voter. Your feeble attempt at a 120 character clapback fell as short as your stunted manhood. No doubt it left you breathless to push today’s Bannon issued talking point. Perhaps if you stopped cruising playgrounds and spent more time seeking therapy you would stop seething with self hate that you project on others.

        • mooha

          Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen such an ironic example of projection Mr Haggard. You can always count on Hillary supporters to resort to childish name calling! Maybe you’ve been hanging around too many playgrounds yourself?

          • Johann Haggard

            Mooha, oh hey there little lady, I’m glad another faceless fake trolling profile could join us. Projection? Interesting concept clearly reinforcing that you are incapable of any extended thoughts of your own and can only reflect upon mine, you grasp with thin intellect in a sad attempt at some kind of retort, you certainly have failed your RNC overlords. Perhaps you can go back to seeking continuing adult education between your syphilis treatments and diaper changes.

            We can always count on Trump supporters such as yourself to gimp around in the late evening and attempt commentary between sexual escapades with their fathers.

          • Roman Marquez

            Dude get a clue ,stop hallucinating, nothing you just posted is even close to reality, but it seems reality has been permanently above and beyond your reach,for a good reason.

          • Rapiermarine

            You’re stupid. And a jerk. And unwelcome. And not nearly as smart as you think you are. I don’t have to post a photo. And you should consider taking down your smug one with the goofy haircut. OH, and Latinos for Trump!

          • beckdella

            You are going to have a long 8 yrs ahead of you. Trump will be your next president, have fun.

          • paul

            I cannot wait to wake up on 11/9/16 and shout out my window:
            Now is the Winter of our discontent made Glorious Summer by the son of Trump. Trump 2016.

        • Roman Marquez

          What you call deeply isn’t deep at all since you never leave the shallow end of the gene pool, they way you dish out sweeping generalizations tell me you’re no doubt conclusive which means you can’t be troubled by actual reality or facts and there’s no perhaps about it,you are definitely feeble and clueless while you see yourself as a self important brain whisperer.

          • Rapiermarine

            Don’t waste time feeding trolls.

          • beckdella

            Look out, you’re going to make him go to his safe space!

        • beckdella

          There is an old saying: “Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. You would do yourself a YUUUUGE favor by adhering to this wise piece of advice.

        • Lee Selkirk

          I’m Canadian and like most of my countrymen are astounded that anyone can not accept the fact that Hillary IS dreadfully ill, abismally corrupt, a pathalogic and thus unfit to be the POTUS. It is her craving for money money money and power that keeps her going, not any sense of “duty”. The Clinton claim to fame is that neither has been indicted. Given the astounding number of people who opposed them that have “committed suicide”, been mysterious found dead, or who have been openly murdered, it is no wonder that the feeble American media people have refused to comment truthfully about their criminality.

        • bozzer 52

          You really are a educated dumbass aren’t you!

    • Josh Gilman

      Clinton 2016: Replay of lies under oath and impeachment
      /former Democrat; free, free at last

    • ATrober

      …choice of those wanting to overthrow BOTH parties.

      Trump is not a Republican. He hijacked that dead, worthless party for a general election path.

  • ginny_cw

    Would love to hear Teresa Barnwell’s voice. $10,000 per month, not a bad job when 95 MILLION are unemployed. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3684267/Hillary-Clinton-lookalike-Teresa-Barnwell-quit-job-impersonate-presidential-candidate-time.html

    • 14west1

      That lady is not Barnwell. Barnwell only slightly resembles Hillary, this lady is dead on for Hillary. Except for butt size. Chelsea must have a liposuction unit in her house.

      • 62cutoff.com

        That’s what I was thinking

  • Reese

    The body double thing really explains a lot. The true Hillary looks old and frail. Then she reappears as fresh and younger. I wonder if all the lies will finally catch up with her.

  • FreudianSlip

    When no longer needed that body double will be found floating in a river with her face eaten off. No interviews of this body double, ShillHil will be missing.

  • Brandi Williams

    fastest Lipo and face lift recovery in history …….. or NOT

  • Justa Guy

    This explains all of the flip-flopping and maybe the real Hillary really didn’t lie to Congress…

  • World Warrior

    This article is why most people think republicans are idiots.

    • Roman Marquez

      You’re an idiot claiming to have your finger on the pulse of most people.

  • suziqueMN

    Anyone see the movie “Dave”? Are we seeing it played out with HRC?

    • Sara Alexander

      Richard Dreyfus came to mind for Moon Over Parador

    • beckdella

      Ha! Love that movie!

  • ttodd

    When she came out of Chelsea’s apt., her hair was parted on the opposite side!

  • Constance Cloud

    Exit, Chelsea’s Apartment, Stage Right. The actor strolling out, all alone, is a much younger person than the actor who proceeded her!

  • paul

    They need to put a Hollywood quality make-up and creature creator department in Chelseas ER apt. That way the double could be getting made to look like a hag while the real Hillary is getting hooked up to the life support.

  • GREATEER77777

    This is Bill’s Play toy Hillary!! Surprised she doesn’t have a cigar in her hand 🙂

  • Cameron Freeman

    Hillary has a body double but it is NOT her well-known impersonator Theresa Bernwell. Bernwell is the establishment’s decoy body double, and is being used to muddy the waters, to mess with, confuse and discredit conspiracy theorists. Hillary does have at least one body double, but even a cursory analysis demonstrates that Theresa Bernwell looks nothing like Hillary and Bernwell’s voice sounds nothing like Hillary either. To prove that a much more accurate and convincing body double has now taken over from the old Hillary for the rest of the campaign, my hypothesis (among other things) is that we will no longer hear the new and improved public Hillary burst out in the old Hillary’s distinctive and inappropriate cackle. The old Hillary’s cackling laughter cannot be repeated convincingly.