Hillary Clinton 9/11 Health: Secret Service Acted Suspiciously During Fainting Episode

Hillary Clinton 9/11 Health: Secret Service Acted Suspiciously During Fainting Episode
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A former Secret Service agent has claimed that the security detail assigned to protect Hillary Clinton had violated a few basic protocols.


An incident took place while the Democratic nominee was attending a 9/11 commemoration ceremony at ground zero on Sunday. A video posted online shows Clinton seemingly fainting and stumbling as two secret service agents put her into a black van.

According to a previous story by Morning News USA, Clinton left the commemoration ceremony early due to health-related issues. While she waited for a vehicle with Secret Service, strange metals fell from her pant leg.

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Now, a former Secret Service agent claimed that the security detail assigned to the former First Lady had gone against the most important protocols. He said, after reviewing the video, that security was rushing as they did not expect the Democratic nominee to leave at that time.

In the video, she can be seen leaning against a bollard while waiting for the vehicle. Her security agents then help her into the black van.

The former agent claimed that it was a clear violation of Secret Service guideline.

In the video, the Clinton’s security detail leader, Secret Service agent Todd Madison, moves to open the door of the van. This again is very strange, because a detail leader must never leave the protected individual’s side. According to Chicago Tribune, the former agent noted that opening the van is the site agent’s job, and the detail leader’s position is next to Hillary Clinton.

However, the former agent said that maybe the speedy nature of the departure had given little choice for the detail leader to follow proper guidelines.

Sunday’s occurrence resulted into questions about the Democratic nominee’s traveling pool of reporters. She left them behind at ground zero during her unexpected exit. The reporters had no knowledge of her whereabouts or condition for about 90 minutes.

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    Hey, the Secret Service did ok…
    This could have been their finest hour.
    No of them lost a gun and any ammo.
    All of’m were sober.
    All of them found their pants.
    None of them even lost a laptop, pda – or, smartphone.

    They did what they were supposed to do.. when they were supposed to do it.
    They helped a little old lady into a cab… – she lived.

    What more do you want?

    The big question…
    In that situation, at the time – was any of those in attendance competent to determine “if” hillary was having a serious medical event?
    The Secret Service being the Secret Service – will never tell.
    Hillary being hillary – will lie.
    So, we as the un-washed voters will never know.

    Form what I know about how these things function, if her security detail felt that there was any significant medical issue – they would have diverted to the nearest approved, vetted medical facility.
    They went to a nearby family residence… which I assume does not have much of an ER capacity.
    So, the Secret Service – with years of experience dealing with the clintons – did not feel that hillary was acutely ill.
    Protocols may be protocols…
    You have to remember, hillary does not follow them.
    Like with her email server.
    Protocols are for “other” people – not a clinton.

    The email thing bit her in the ass.
    Assuming the role of all knowing attendant physician may bite her in the ass some day, too.

    What the hell… she probably knows at least as much about medicine as Conrad Murray.
    He only killed off michael jackson.
    What could possibly go wrong?