Highlights Of The First GOP Debate 2015

Highlights Of The First GOP Debate 2015
I Voted! Vox Efx / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What's This?

The first GOP Debate for the 2016 US Presidential Elections is done.


There were memorable moments like when Donald Trump was very much like Donald Trump or when Chris Christie was against almost anyone. One of the biggest surprise of the night was not a fight or a brawl, but a funny “last remark” from an election newbie.

Here are some highlights you may have missed from the #GOPDebate from the Republican side.


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Chris Christie and Rand Paul exchanged heated words over NSA

Rand Paul said, “I want to collect more information from terrorists  and less from innocent Americans. The Fourth Amendment was fought when the revolution was over. I am proud of standing for the Bill of Rights and I will continue to stand for the Bill of Rights.”

That’s when Christie butted in saying “Megyn that’s a completly ridiculous answer. ‘I want to collect records from terrorist and less from innocent people.’ How are we supposed to know Megyn?”

And they went on against each other’s points.

Donald Trump said the only woman he called with words such as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals” is Rosie O’Donnell

Donald Trump was also confident in saying he will not support an eventual GOP candidate

When asked who among the Republicans would openly not support the Party’s eventual nominee, Trump was not hesitant to raise his hand.

When “Is there anyone on stage, can Isee hands, who is unwilling to pledge support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party, and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?”

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For a few milliseconds, no one was raising their hands, until the confident Trump raised his.

This received boos from the crowd.

He did again.


And one of the best ones of the night was Doctor Ben Carson‘s final remark.


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