High School Musical Reunion Happens, Will There Be High School Musical 4?

High School Musical Reunion Happens, Will There Be High School Musical 4?
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The stars of the hit movie series “High School Musical” met on a weekend. This is not the first time the gang hung out together.


The reunion of the cast saw Monique Coleman, who played the role of Taylor McKessie, Kaycee Stroh, who played Martha Cox, and Alyson Reed, known in the movie as Ms. Darbus. The former two were present to show support to the later for the High School Musical reunion.

According to a Seventeen report, Alyson is the liaison for the LA Unified School District. The school district is committed to bringing “state of the art resources and opportunities to schools all across the city.”

It seems that Alyson is playing her High School Musical character in real life and has taken up her journey as Ms. Darbus from where she left off. Her co-stars are humble enough to show support for the project.

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Coleman not only showed up in the reunion but also took pictures and posted it on Instagram. Even Kaycee took pictures of the event and posted them on social media.

The news of High School Musical reunion has also brought up rumors of “High School Musical 4” on the surface. It is expected to be named “High School Musical 4: The Wedding.” Some time back CrossMap reported that Corbin Bleu tweeted about the release of a fourth installment of the series.

He was quoted saying, “If you liked the first three, the fourth is going to blow your mind. #getchaheadinthegame.”