High School Musical Reunion Happening For 10th Anniversary

High School Musical Reunion Happening For 10th Anniversary
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The Wildcats’ High School Musical reunion is finally confirmed. Gary Marsh, president and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, declared that the reunion is a go, and most of the cast will participate. However, an intriguing fact came to play as Zach Efron has not showed up in any of the spoilers. Does he and Vanessa Hudgens still have beef?


The Wildcats are surely in it together! Marsh recently released an official statement that indicates, “Seeing the cast of High School Musical back together again reaffirms what made it special 10 years ago. It’s their optimism, their dedication and their extraordinary talent – as a group – that made this such an exceptional movie and cultural phenomenon.”

He added, “Ten years later, the movie continues to delight audiences around the globe, not just for its memorable song and dance numbers, but for its universal themes that continue to resonate with fans everywhere – express yourself, believe in yourself and always follow your dreams.”

The cast members have remained close since the movie released in January 26, 2006. During such time, the franchise was able to gain 7.7 million total viewers in the U.S. In fact, it was recorded during such period as the highest-rating telecast for Disney Channel.

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In other news, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Cordin Bleu, Monique Coleman, and Vanessa Hudgens shared snapshots of each other while shooting in their respective social media accounts. They all went back to East High for their High School Musical Reunion shoot last Saturday and taped several scenes that reflected their High School Musical experience.

The tweets were as follows:

True-to-life exes Hudgens and Zach Efron will still have scenes for the reunion. Although the latter was not seen in their snapshots, Efron will have a pre-taped message to his fans during the show.

The High School Musical reunion will air on Disney Channel this January 20, 2016.