Facebook Hidden Object Game: Locate The Cellphone On This Carpet!

Facebook Hidden Object Game: Locate The Cellphone On This Carpet!
Since hindi ako makatulog, Let’s play a game. Look for the celphone. Jeya May Cruz / Facebook
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It’s time for one of those hidden objects game again, which is supposed to drive you nuts! But don’t worry, we have the ultimate cheat below!


Facebook is known for its cunning renditions of “Find that object” games and it has found a winner in one of its recent posts. Posted by an FB user named “Jeya May Cruz,” this hidden object game is a mind-puzzler for sure.

Garnering over 115K likes and over 14,000 shares, this game has become one of the most popular hidden objects game in the recent past.

The setting is simple enough – there is an embroidered carpet in hues of dark blue, bottle green and a light off-white, on top of which is placed a white stool. One is asked to find a cellphone (the make and model of which is not mentioned), which has been placed somewhere in the picture.

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While the game sounds simple enough, it is actually a tougher cookie to crack than it initially looks. The intricate design of the carpet is enough to fool anybody and one has to scrutinize each square inch of it to make sure that one did not miss any area out.

While there are many hidden object games in Facebook such as Criminal Case and Pearl’s Peril, reports levelskip, where one solves crime by figuring out where a list of objects are hidden, optical illusion images like this surface once in a blue moon.

Were you able to find out where the cellphone has been placed yet? Well, one clue is that the cellphone is placed face down, which should be apparent by now since one cannot see a black screen among the carpet designs.

It might also be helpful to know that the back cover design of the cellphone carries a design that mixes in perfectly with the embroidery of the carpet.

The last clue is that the mobile is an iPhone 6.

Still scratching your head? No sign of a cellphone?

If you are ready to give up, check out the answer below!


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