He’s No Trump, Nor Putin, Rodrigo Duterte Now Philippines’ Martyr To Be

In what seems to be a roller coaster ride to national elections, presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte continues to make headlines for his promises and insistence on cleaning Philippine streets off of criminals. On top of his aggressive claims, the candidate was quoted saying during the last presidential debate that he would readily die over the Philippines’ claims in the South China Sea.


Morning News USA has previously compared the Filipino presidential candidate to White House hopeful Donald Trump.

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In a recent report, Morning News USA noted the similarities between him and Russian president Vladimir Putin. But a recent presidential debate revealed that the island nation could be closer to having another Jose Rizal, their national hero, in the person of Duterte.

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The controversial presidential candidate is willing to give up his life for the Philippines and over its South China Sea claims. Last Sunday, during the presidential debate, Duterte claimed that he would be ready to die to assert the country’s claims over the South China Sea spat.

“If we win the arbitration case against China and China does not comply, I will not go to war, I will go to China to talk to them.  If they don’t want to talk, then I will ask the Navy to bring me to the nearest boundary at Scarborough, I will ride the jetski and plant the Philippine flag there in their port,” Duterte said as quoted by Interaksyon.

“I will say this is ours, do what you want to do to me.  It is my long time ambition to be a national hero. If I die in South China Sea, then I will leave the crying to my Filipino people,” he added.

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Plagued with controversies from previous comments and media coverage, Philippine presidential candidate reiterated his vow to kill criminal last Saturday during his campaign. More often associated with “Dirty Harry” particularly for this infamous and supposed associated with shadowy vigilante death squads, the Davao mayor has increasingly appeared to be a crowd favorite, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

“The drug pushers, kidnappers, robbers, find them all and arrest them. If they resist, kill them all,” said Duterte before more or less 2,00 people who gathered during his central Manila rally.

“Go ahead and charge me with murder, so I could also kill you.”

Previously, Duterte promised to take out 100,000 criminals and dump them in Manila Bay so “fish will grow fat.” Several political analysts said previously that Duterte’s  profanity-laced campaign stands out especially given in a society with high crimes and dominated by an underclass working under limited opportunities in favor of the very few elite. This is regardless if the candidate has been linked to controversies relating to the Pope and rape.

“I laid out my program to fight crime, illegal drugs and corruption … Should God will me to win, I will fight for the rights as well as the religious freedom of millions,” Duterte was quoted saying previously.

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  • General Lopez

    Not enough, you will amaze to Mayor Duterte if you know him more…
    He is the only hope for our country Philippine.

  • TrueChange

    Yan ang President namin… Du30… !!!

  • Nubin Galendez

    Mabuhay ka Mayor Duterte, ikaw ang pag asa ng Pilipinas…

  • Mary Mae J. Miral

    I’m a Filipino and my President is Duterte! I’ve experienced his greatness as a Mayor in our city. He made our city the most liveable place in the entire Philippines from being the worst and dangerous city due to crimes. As what our city motto says “Life is Here”…but Duterte adds…”For Criminals, your life ENDS here.” He has zero tolerance for drugs and crime. He made our city the most child-friendly city. He passed the city ordinance that protects both children and women. He banned firecrackers to avoid injuries during Christmas and New Year. He banned smoking in public places but you can smoke in designated areas. There’s a curfew for serving of liquor in public establishments (midnight is the last serving) but you can drink at home anytime you want. He’s just making sure that people are safe and that nobody drives drunk in the wee hours. He has a city daycare center where working parents can leave their children while they work, just in case the parents can’t afford a nanny. He has the health assistance program Lingap Para Sa Mahirap that pays all the bills (up to the single cent) of the poor citizens (from Davao or from other province) that were admitted in Davao City’s government hospital. Sometimes, he’s helping at his personal expense. He donated his inherited mansion to the government hospital and made it a shelter for those children who have cancer and undergoing treatment in the said hospital. He once exchanged himself to a hostage taking incident to free the infant who was taken as hostage by prisoners who jailed break. He established the 911 rescue facility in Davao City, first and only 911 in Asia. I think there are only 3 911s in the whole world, one is in US, the other is in Canada and the last one is in our city, Davao City. There are a many good things to say about him…He is a tough-talking leader, sometimes people misquote him and misinterpret him but Duterte is the best leader I’ve ever seen in the entire Philippine Government. And I will vote for him to be the next President of our country.

    • Argie Balinas Timbang

      Tama ma’am,,,,,

    • Maria Luz Manlapaz

      Thank you for your comment. I hope our a bigger number of our countrymen will read this…very informative…

    • BatangKayumanggi

      Thanks God…someone who gives a better explanation of why Duterte can be a good public servant instead of all his minions talking about sh1t without really highlighting the reason why he deserves to be a the President of this country.

      But given the facts that he did good things in Davao, there are still other issues that I am worried about. First, his big filthy mouth is so unbecoming of a President. His uncontrollable behavior and tactlessness is a concern. So many “classified information” in the office of the President and his tactlessness could bring us trouble especially dealing with other countries, diplomats, foreign policies, etc. His leaning with NPA and communists is also an issue. I just can’t imagine my President to be shouting “Mabuhay ang NPA” while these NPAs had been fighting against our government and soldiers since time immemorial . And his intention of honoring the second most corrupt leader in the world by burying him in Libingan ng mga Bayani is the opposite of his supposed “hate against corrupt officials”. I find something wrong on his excuse of uniting the nation because of Ilocanos being separated from the rest of the country. He was concerned about the Ilocanos who benefited from the thieves but had forgotten about the victims of Martial Law?! Healing the land should start from the Marcoses. They should admit their mistakes, apologize and return their loots to Filipino people. And justice can only be served if they are punished and go to jail! It is only through justice that there will be true healing of the country. Unity will come afterwards.

      So, you see, I also have my concerns and reasons for not voting for him. I applaud him for what he did in Davao but frankly speaking, his style and behavior will only be good for a small city like Davao. Unfortunately, he is not good and knowledgeable enough to lead the country.

      • If you keep nitpicking all the flaws you see. You are looking for perfection. Good luck finding the perfect candidate. Do you want a president that has a good image or a president that get things done? Choose…

        • artap

          i’d have a person who get things done…

      • Jo Car

        At sino ang “good and knowledgeable enough to lead the country” for you? Di ba Mar.Binay at Poe national positions ang hawak nila? Bumuti ba ang Pilipinas? Mag sabi ka nga kung anong konkretong nagawa nila for the country?

        • BatangKayumanggi

          Well, according to World Bank, Bloomberg, CNN, and other reputable organizations, Philippines had been gaining an average of 6.4 GDP for the last 6 years under Aquino government, which Mar Roxas has been part of. It is enough for me to believe them that we are on the right path to progress. I would rather believe these organizations where they based their conclusion on studies, facts and figures. I am not discrediting Duterte on what he did in Davao but I don’t think he’s ready to lead a 100 million+ population.

          • Jo Car

            Ah ganun??? Good luck sayo at sa Mar mo…. Mar will be needing all the luck in the world if he wants to win! And maybe say your prayers for Mar that he will win because at this point of time Mar needs miracles. Mar may have support from the cbcp but Duterte has the blessings and prayers from our Pope Francis. Sorry to tell you that Pope Francis did say that.

          • HG Magick

            No… you see there were speculations but Pope Francis isn’t on anyone’s sides. Those allegations came from a “fake website” and this hoax was blown out of proportions thus misinterpreted by a whole lot of people

          • Jo Car

            Iha basa basa naman… yung sulat galing vatican ang tinutukoy ko at hindi yung hoax website na gawa ng dilaw.

          • BatangKayumanggi

            It is the job of the Church to pray for us. Tsaka pwede bang wag mong maidamay ang Pope dito na minura ng idol mo. Kilabutan ka sa sinasabi mo.

            At wag kang bulag sa sinungaling at magnanakaw mong amo. Pasimple-simple kunyari, mandurugas rin pala! Pwe!

          • Jo Car

            Chillax ka lang brad…. ilang araw na lang at tapos na ang kahibangan ng Rehas mo..ay Roxas pala.

      • Mhel

        Kung yan lang ang rason mo kaya hindi mo sya iboboto ang babaw mo, sa tingin mo ba ganyan na kasama ang bahavior ni mayor? Style lang nya yan para maging familliar sa medya at mga tao, ganyan sya magsalita sa mga criminal at mga pasayay, baka kung makausap mo sya ng personal baka ikaw pa itong magmukhang walang GMRC

        • BatangKayumanggi

          I just wish that you could just stick and share something relevant on the issues and concerns I have raised instead of attacking me! Yan kase ang problema sa ibang followers nya…they are using their emotions instead of logic.

          • Al Sayyid.

            If they attack you, you can thank democracy for it. People down south are emotional since the government in luzon treats the people of visayas and mindanao like peasants so it cant be helped.

          • BatangKayumanggi

            Peasants talaga ha? OA ka naman. Bakit ang Cebu ang ganda. Ang problema kase sa Mindanao eh nuknukang kagulo dahil sa mga “rebeldeng” Muslim na wala nang ginawa kundi mangkidnap, pumatay, manggulo at kung ano-ano pa. So, sinong gustong mag invest sa ganyang magulong lugar? Tapos ang gobyerno sisihin. Gusto kase nila sila maghari at gusto pang humiwalay sa Pilipinas. Pwede ba yon eh Pilipino rin sila?!

          • Al Sayyid.

            Well some of the guys in mindanao dont like the name philippines. reasons are that they think because of the name we are still under spain regardless of the government. kaya ba ng mindanao if it separates? Yes Mindanao can prosper alone and pwede talaga mag separate.

      • layrayski

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts and misgivings especially in a public setting such as this. You offered your thoughts and fears which I think is brave of you.

        The other pro duterte should use comments such as this as opportunity to educate instead of to attack. The way this comment was written shows openness to ideas. By attacking someone’s views you back them up against a wall making them feel defensive which I think is a shame. I hope this will change. Learn to see opportunities to explain your viewpoints too on why you think Duterte is a good, nay, a great leader.

        That said, regarding Martial law and Marcoses I used to have a close minded look at history. Bad is bad. Black is black. I thought I knew history but I’m finding out how skewed the media is in the Philippines so I’m holding out regarding the Marcoses. In other words I don’t know whether its a good idea to bury Marcos in the libingan ng mga bayani. As far as priority of Philippine development I consider it very low for me.

        Pres. Mayor has other plans that are more important and I think will really transform the Philippines into what I believe will be something great. Suppress crime and corruption, feed the hungry, revive Philippine agriculture (See Mannypinol’s page on facebook), revive Philippine industrialization and so much more.

        There’s a lot of things that are undesirable in Pres Mayor’s personality, admittedly. However, his plans, his accomplishments and his heart, I believe is in the right place. I just take the bad with the good. Just learn to weigh what is more important.

        ( I hope I’m making any sense I’m on my cp.)

  • Ariel Macatbag

    I will not believe him if he’s not Rodrigo Duterte,…he’s been in that situation many times just to save some innocent people……truly a public servant

  • support

    you missed this quote: “I don’t care if I go to hell as long as the people I serve will live in paradise”-Mayor Rody Duterte. A heroic quote indeed.


    Wala na kayong makikitang butas kay Digong kaya pigapigain niyo na yang mga picture na edited naman at yung rape joke niya. Pigapigain niyo na… HAHAHAHA… kasi pipigain ni Duterte ang mga corrupt at adik sa bansa pag naging presidente siya… LOL! CHANGE IS COMING… #Duterte #DU30 Wala kanang makikitang butas pa kaya pigain mo ng lubos ang rape joke at edited picture na yan hangga’t may oras pa.. HAHAHAHA!

    • BatangKayumanggi

      I applaud you for being such a true believer… a blind believer!

      • I applaud you too for using a fake account. Brave enough, come out as a real person and present your candidate here. Tell me why I should vote for him/her instead of Duterte. 🙂

        • BatangKayumanggi

          Sorry, I have been using this account even before I know about Duterte. And like I’m the only one doing it. Even Jose Rizal and other heroes had their own pseudonym. lol!

          I will go for Mar & Leni for continuity of economic progress. You and Duterte’s minions may not admit it but the present admin made our country as the world’s fastest economy and I would like it to continue. Yes, it has not reach those people at the bottom but eventually it will. Economic freedom is the answer to poverty. If poverty is lessened then crime will be lessened too. And no, there is no way it will be totally eradicated! It’s just an illusion of Duterte and his minions, especially within 3 to 6 months. That’s why I will for them! Their plans are more logical than him. But there are a lot of gullible people who believe on anything that comes out of Duterte’s potty mouth…so, I think he will win!

          What about you? Instead of just believing in your slogan of “Change is Coming”, why would you vote for him when even Makati Business Club thinks that he lacks “SUBSTANCE”. In tagalog, MABABAW and kaalaman nya?? Why???

          • Good to know that… Let me clarify things here, I am not voting for Duterte just because of believing in so called said slogan of “Change is Coming”. I am voting based on output. We all have different criteria’s and experiences here that led us to our own choices.

            MABABAW ang kaalaman? You really think ‘mababaw’ ang kaalaman ni Duterte? Ha ha ha! Are you making some conclusion based on what you see on media?

            Nuff said, create an account with your real identity. By the way, I don’t believe that crime will be eradicate within 3 to 6 months but I believe it will be lessen and self-discipline will be a MUST in our country.

            It is important for growth economy and for peace and order. We need a leader in our country not some ‘boss’. I respect your choice and ponder why… Tell me more about your candidate and I may change my mind… and I tell you more about mine. Thanks!

          • Please reply with a new account with your real identity to be fair. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Jushien Dy

    To all those people out there who only looks on the media and then barks against these guy, please dont let the media ruin you. Almost all of the media in our country were stained by politicians. If you only knew how these guy change his town by his strict rules, he is what we want for our country. Not those politicians whose only good at words and promises. These guy do the talk. Our country needs a man with dignity and will power to change. He will begin the change by eradicating the corrupts down to its roots by that, the good morals will follow.

    • HG Magick

      thank you for the encouragement… the media is pretty… manipulative to say the least.

  • LK Valjoon


  • AlimPungat

    Still can’t believe that “The Punisher” will become our next president.

    • General Lopez

      Me neither… damn what to talk to him again when I return back home…

  • Kabayong Bakla


  • Shane Van

    I want to correct.It was more than 2000 people gathered in the rally where Duterte said he will dump those criminals in the sea.