Here Is What Microsoft Windows 10 Can Do That Even New Macs Cannot

Here Is What Microsoft Windows 10 Can Do That Even New Macs Cannot
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Knowing the amount of TRP the Oscars would get, Microsoft Windows 10 ads were intelligently aired around the time of the awards night. More than promoting its own operating system, the Windows 10 maker clearly targeted Apple’s Mac and told the world how their product is better than Apple’s. Read more about these ads below.


To promote Microsoft Windows 10 and the OS’ features, three ads were aired telling the viewers what exactly Windows 10 can do in 15 seconds. Instead of just concentrating on what this latest operating system delivers, Microsoft tried to tell the world what Apple’s Mac cannot do. Honestly, these promotional tactics from other brands actually make people stick to Apple. While trying to compete with the brand, the competitors fail to understand that they are indirectly putting Apple in a leadership role and telling the world how much better Apple is and not the other way round. Same thing happened when Samsung launched flagship phones last year before the launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The result? iPhone’s sales were much better than that of Samsung’s.

Microsoft Windows 10: “The Bug Chicks” Ads

Microsoft Windows 10: “The Bug Chicks” Ad 1

This commercial is promoting the digital assistant of Windows 10, Cortana. Hear them say, “Even on the new Macs they don’t have that.”

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Microsoft Windows 10: “The Bug Chicks” Ad 2

This commercial is promoting Surface Book touchscreen. Hear the Mac lady say, “I don’t have a touchscreen on my Mac. I am jealous of that.”

Microsoft Windows 10: “The Bug Chicks” Ad 3 

This ad is for Windows Hello and Cortana. “Even on the new Macs they don’t have that” – Again?

Let us know what you think about these Microsoft Windows 10 ads targeting Mac directly in the comments below. Will you still buy Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 or any other Windows 10 machine or stick to your Mac even if they don’t have what Windows 10 has?

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