Here Are Free Must-Have ‘Mac Apps’ For Designers; MacBook Pro OSX Apps You Want To Have

Here Are Free Must-Have ‘Mac Apps’ For Designers; MacBook Pro OSX Apps You Want To Have

The designer life is not easy. But it can be simplified with the help of advanced technology. Apple has simplified it further by making some of the coolest apps available for free. May you be an amateur or a professional graphic designer, listed below are some of the apps that will surely make your image processing job easier. Here you go.


Image Tricks

Effects is a significant part of image processing. Image Tricks is that app which helps you give a complete makeover to your pictures. You can choose from a wide range of existing filters and apply them to over 20 different image formats. Now you need not spend hours giving a simple effect to your image. With Image Tricks, you can try even the most complicated effects on your image within seconds.

GIMP and Seashore

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GIMP is a great alternative to Photoshop. From basic retouching to image creation, almost every task is supported by this free app. So from amateurs to professionals, everyone can try this app for hassle-free image editing. On the other hand, Seashore is an advanced version of GIMP. If you do not have X11, you can start using Seashore as it is hardly different than GIMP.


Goldberg is for photography enthusiasts who love to enhance colors or crop the image to the perfect size for a desired effect. This app is not for professionals as only basic editing is available.

Front End Digital Media Workshop

Has resizing ever been a problem to you? Have you ever sat down and resized a whole lot of pictures one by one? Front End Digital Media Workshop is an app that allows you to mass-resize your pictures. In short, it is a batch conversion for images, videos as well as audio.


Inkspace is a vector graphic program very similar to CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. This free app supports different formats:

i. SVG format
ii. XML
iii. CSS

Google SketchUp

If you need to view your designs in 3D but are not comfortable using 3D software then opt for Google SketchUp. This free app allows you to create images apart from letting you view a 3D version of it. Google SketchUp is best for people in the architectural industry.

With this list, we hope you will be able to design better images and complete your projects with more ease and precision.