Heather Maltman May Have Accidentally Revealed The Bachelor Australia Winner

Heather Maltman May Have Accidentally Revealed The Bachelor Australia Winner

There is so much happening in “The Bachelor Australia” this season as contestants are inching towards the win. This time one of the forerunners of the show, Heather Maltman, has probably spoken about “The Bachelor Australia” winner in a radio interview.


Maltman, the aspiring filmmaker, while chatting with Monty and Zoe on the 3 p.m. pick-up on KIIS, told that she had found a friend as well as partner in Sam.

The word that Heather used to describe Sam, “partner,” was not missed by fans.

Heather told the radio hosts, “We did have a little bit of time just the two of us which was really nice,” adding, “and at the end of the day it shows we have an incredible friendship the two of us and that was a part of, I guess, my experience with Sam that I’ve enjoyed the most. The fact that I made an incredible friend as well as a partner.”

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According to News.com, the hosts of the radio show KIIS FM, Kyle and Jackie O also believes that she is the one who will be “The Bachelor Australia” winner this season.

Snezana is another contender of the show who mentioned, “No, I have had no contact with Sam since the show ended.”

While asking about the issue of Sam kissing other bachelorettes, Heather said, “Yes. He and I kind of very briefly talked about it. That’s also because, you know, like I said, we’re really good friends.”

With rumors of the winner of the show being three months pregnant with Sam’s son are swirling, fans are guessing more than what is told. Stay tuned to the show as we keep you updated about the latest happenings.

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