Heather Maltman Has New Man In Her Life

Heather Maltman Has New Man In Her Life
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Heather Maltman, the ex “The Bachelor Australia” contestant, has now found her new man. She was one of the most popular contestants on the show and was heartbroken when Sam Wood dumped her as the third runner-up of the show.


Maltman is currently dating fellow actor Andrew Steel who was also dating a “Bachelor Australia” contestant from last season. Heather was previously thought to be the probable candidate for “The Bachelorette Australia” but it seems she had some other plans.

When asked about her new relationship, Heather said, “There is a man, (a) human of interest,” adding, “Yes, you would have seen him this evening. He’s quite sexy and now I’m getting all uncomfortable because he can probably hear this conversation.”

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Heather also spilled the beans on Studio 10. When asked if she would be the next bachelorette, she said she was in a relationship. When asked if she is considering “The Bachelorette,” she said, “I don’t know if I (can) … I can’t say that I can because I may be seeing a human being.”

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Andrew previously auditioned for “The Bachelor” but he lost and had to settle as a model. Next he was dating Clemesha from another season of the show.

Clemesha said, “It was just so different than on the show when Andrew and I met,” adding, “We hit it off straight away and there was chemistry and easy conversation.”