Heather Maltman Features In McDonald’s Campaign: Is This A Hint?

Heather Maltman Features In McDonald’s Campaign: Is This A Hint?

Heather Maltman is one of the five ladies up for the final rose from Sam Wood in “The Bachelor Australia.”

She is a 29-year-old aspiring filmmaker and a model. Now, she is part of the latest ad campaign for McDonald’s.


The McDonald’s ad sees Heather Maltman getting excited over a chicken bacon deluxe meal. The ad in question was released on September 5, but it was shot in the month of July, just after the shooting for “The Bachelor Australia” was over.

Heather has been the frontrunner of the show ever since she met Sam Wood as sparks flew between them instantly. However, according to recent reports, Sam Wood questioned his relationship with Heather and said she may be his best mate, nothing else. Even he does not know if he has some special feelings for her.

The fact that Heather shot a McDonald’s ad just after the exit from the show raises a lot of questions. Is it possible for the winner of “The Bachelor Australia” to land such an ad just after the show? The hint is something else. Previously it was speculated that Heather will not make it to the final rose day and Sam would be choosing between Snezana and Lana.

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Heather has created buzz in the media with her dresses, her solo dance performance and much more; this new ad is making us think more. Wait till September 17 to find out who steals the heart of the bachelor this season.

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