Heather Maltman Dances With Imaginary Sam Wood

Heather Maltman Dances With Imaginary Sam Wood

“The Bachelor Australia” 2015 is getting steamy with the presence of two new intruders. The front-runner of the show, Heather Maltman, may be a bit nervous about losing the man she almost won but that does not stop her from dreaming about a romantic life ahead.


Heather is enjoying the dance of her life as mentioned by Dailymail. Last Saturday, the girl enjoyed a gala dinner at “Youth off the Street” at Dockside Pavilion in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. She just took to the floor in her dazzling look and enjoyed a slow dance all alone with her imaginary man. Heather danced as if there was Imaginary Sam in her arms. When asked about her dance partner, Heather said, “He was tall and handsome… You might know him actually.”

While she was joking about being with Sam Wood, her co-star Nina was not far behind. She said, “We better not be dating the same guy.” While Heather enjoyed the dance floor the other people in the party enjoyed watching her. She looked absolutely stunning in a black outfit which suits her, unlike the ones she wore during last few days. Nina said about the atmosphere, “This kind of brings back memories of mansion kitchen dance-offs….. And I’m kinda jealous of the guy you’re dancing with (sic).”

Heather Maltman, the probable “The Bachelor Australia” winner, has grabbed a lot of attention off late. She was in an interview with a radio station where she mentioned, “At the end of the day it shows we have an incredible friendship the two of us and that was a part of, I guess, my experience with Sam that I’ve enjoyed the most. The fact that I made an incredible friend as well as a partner.”

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The wait will be a bit long to find out who wins the show this year. Till then, stay tuned with us as we bring you more from the show.

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