Heather Maltman Confesses True Love For ‘The Bachelor’ Sam Wood

Heather Maltman Confesses True Love For ‘The Bachelor’ Sam Wood
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After the exit of Emily Simms, Bec and Ebru, “The Bachelor Australia” is all heated up now. As for one of the ladies on the show, Heather Maltman, the journey is a dream as she finds her love in Sam Wood.


According to latest news from “The Bachelor Australia,” the beauty confessed her love for the handsome young man who took her on a single date to blow her off her feet. In her date with Wood, she hinted that she is on her way to fall for the hunky personal trainer.

In a candid piece of speech, the bachelorette confessed on the camera, “I know I’m falling for this guy and this is getting really serious,” adding, “From the word go I knew he was someone that I’d be able to fall in love with. I know that I want to be the girl that’s here at the end, I do.”

Maltham is an actress and an aspiring filmmaker. She just showed a very soft side of her character when she got on the verge of tears while talking about her true feelings. Heather was in her second date with Sam this week and she was overwhelmed when Sam came in an ice cream truck to pick her up. Everything that followed was like a dream. The children in the duo are quite in sync with each other and the morning tea in Alice in Wonderland style fueled their romance even more.

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Heather exclaimed, “It was so awesome! There were 12 different kinds of [edible] dirt, I love that!” However, she was more moved by the personal touch of the whole occasion.

While Heather was overwhelmed and comfortable by the presence of her prospective partner, Sam was also quite happy. He said, “Every time I see Heather I feel like we’re in a little bubble together.” He added, “It’s just this amazing chemistry and banter that we’ve had since the first time we met.”

Sam did not forget to present Heather Maltman another rose while he snatched another kiss from the beautiful lady. Stay tuned for more action as “The Bachelor Australia” moves towards its finale.

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