Have You Caught On The AlDub Craze Yet?

Have You Caught On The AlDub Craze Yet?
Aldub Eat Bulaga / Facebook
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What's This?

The Philippine power couple that goes by the name AlDub has truly captured the world (Do You see #AlDub a lot lately on Twitter? We have the answer.) The onscreen lovers are making headlines all over the world (AlDub surpasses Brazil Vs. germany World Cup & Super Bowl Tweets).


Just recently, BBC wrote a piece about the tandem, calling them a social media phenomenon about love and lip-syncing. Bloomberg described them as phenomenon taking Twitter by storm. In a mural in Italy, Maine Mendoza was painted as Mother Earth (Here’s everything we know about the couple).

Americans in a Buzzfeed video who were asked to watch the couple were also smitten by the power sweethearts. One had even said this: “Say goodbye to Desperate Housewives, Parks and Recreation. Throw that $#*t out. Eat Baluga (sic) is coming to the States.”

Just recently, Michael Sellers, a Los Angeles-based author, dissected the magic and power that AlDub has. “I see it as something truly beautiful, life-affirming, even inspiring to my leathered old American self,” Sellers wrote on his website.

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Sellers said the love team reflects every Filipino nurse, teacher, domestic helper, construction worker, and seaman abroad all separated from their families for a long time “yet somehow keeping a smile and a sense of optimism and hope for the future.” Sellers went on saying that this resilience is something that he does not see with fellow Americans.

“I don’t see Americans capable of that kind of sacrifice and familial love — nor do I see them capable of this kind of unrestrained and unself-conscious shared passion for …. well, anything,” he wrote. “It’s something to be proud of — and I’m proud to have been able to feel it too,” he said about being caught on the AlDub craze.