Haruki Murakami Dead? Penguin Random House Releases Official Statement

Haruki Murakami Dead? Penguin Random House Releases Official Statement
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Rumors that best-selling author Haruki Murakami has died shocked many in the social media world, especially Murakami fans. Luckily, the rumors are only that, rumors. In fact, Penguin Random House issued a statement to assure everyone that their beloved author is alive and well.


The rumor started circulating on social media when a message was posted on Thursday afternoon saying, “Novelist Haruki Murakami dies. Official press note to be released soon.” After catching a lot of people’s attention, it seems the post has since been taken down.

In response, Penguin Random House issued a statement saying, ” Murakami’s fine, guys. When in doubt, check to see if the account that announces a ‘death’ was created the same day.”

Penguin Random House handles a number of Murakami’s books including “Absolutely on Music,” “Hear the Wind Sing,” “Colorless Tuskuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage,” “What I Talk About When Talk About Running,” “1Q84,” “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman” as well as one of his latest works, “Wind/Pinball.”

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In response to his death hoax, GQ.com Deputy editor Kevin Nguyen remarked, “Haruki Murakami will never die. Dude runs like 90 miles a day and will be kept alive forever by our collective teenage adoration.”

Meanwhile, one Murakami fan said, “Haruki Murakami isn’t dead. He’s just at the bottom of a well playing with his cat while a mysterious woman paces back and forth overhead.”

According to a report from The Telegraph, the death hoax announcement was tweeted by an account claiming to be “ShinchoshaNews.” It was set up back in April and sent out its first tweet on August 4, claiming to be the “official English news Twitter account for Shinchosha. All news about books and author from the Japan leading publishing house.” The same account claimed that the Murakami had died just a few minutes later.

Today, all that matters is that Murakami is alive and well. You can now enjoy reading his books in peace.

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