Harry Styles’ Birthday: 4 Things We Love About Him

Harry Styles’ Birthday: 4 Things We Love About Him
Harry Styles Rach / Flickr CC BY 2.0

It’s Harry Styles’ birthday! As a way of greeting this newly-turned-22 One Direction member, let’s enumerate the things that make us fall in love with him. Not much 22-year-olds are as successful and adorable as him, so it’s fair to get to know him more. You’re a god, Harry (Styles)!


Harry Styles’ Birthday Trivia #1: Tweeted a Taylor Swift Lyric on His Birthday

The whole world probably knows that Harry and Taylor were an item in 2012. But upon welcoming his birthday on February 1, Harry took to Twitter a famous Taylor swift lyric: “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.” As E! puts it, the “Internet might implode” when Harry did this. It’s cute, though, greeting yourself on your birthday by quoting your ex. And the tweet was favorited and re-tweeted 130,000 times in only a couple of minutes.

Harry Styles’ Birthday Trivia #2: Cool with Exes

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Speaking of quoting her 26-year-old ex, Harry sees no problem in rekindling fire and romance with his ex-sweetheart, the ever fashionable and gorgeous Kendall Jenner. They had an escapade and flirting moments on a yacht in St. Barts. If there’s no problem with them getting back together, there will not be any problem with the fans, too.

Harry Styles’ Birthday Trivia #3: Sports Out His Man Bun As If He Isn’t Losing Hair

There are only a handful of 22-year-olds who can pull off a man bun like Harry Styles. But his will always be way better, right Directioners? In an interview with Alan Carr last year though, Harry Styles confessed that because of wearing his hair in a bun regularly, his hair is beginning to thin just above his forehead. But don’t worry, girls; he’ll still bundle his hair, but maybe in moderation.

Harry Styles’ Birthday Trivia #4: Making Solo Music

One Direction may be on an indefinite hiatus, but fret no more, we’ll get to see and hear Harry Styles during the band’s long-planned break. There’s no official confirmation on a solo career yet for Harry, but it’s highly likely, since he has personally written 4 songs not meant for the group. Who else will perform it better than him?

People from all parts of the globe sent their greetings to Harry. Happy birthday, Harry!