Harry Potter Cited In High-profile Court Case

Harry Potter Cited In High-profile Court Case
Hogwarts Castle, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Islands of Adventure Jeff Kays / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The Slytherin House from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter was cited in a case involving a former senatorial candidate and an incumbent in the Philippines. The incumbent senator was an orphan and her former contender was questioning her capacity as a leader based on her citizenship.


Incumbent senator Grace Poe was adopted by the late and renowned actor Fernando Poe Jr. and his wife Susan Roces. According to local reports, Poe was abandoned in a local church when she was just a baby.

Poe’s story was used by her political rival Rizalito David in a disqualification case he filed at Philippines’ Senate Electoral Tribunal. According to GMA News, David disputed Poe’s citizenship. He argued that she was not a natural-born citizen because she was an orphan and her biological parents remained unknown.

The tribunal dismissed the case against Poe. In its ruling, the Solicitor General mentioned that David’s argument was comparable to the wizards of Slytherin House in “Harry Potter” series. “One must therefore be similarly mindful of the almost-comical scale with which we are scrutinizing the purity of blood, as if purity of blood were a standard for capacity to govern – as if our nation belonged to House Slytherin,” the ruling stated.

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Poe’s citizenship continues to be subjected into scrutiny since she is also seeking to run as president of the Philippines in May 2016 election. According to local TV reports, the presidential hopeful was already compelled to seek for her biological relatives in order to settle the dispute and pursue her ambition for the Philippines’ highest seat. DNA testing is already underway for some of the relatives who claimed to share blood relations with her biological parents, the reports said.

Members of the Montanez family, who could be Poe’s nearest of kin, told Inquirer that there were hesitant at first to step forward. Gregorio Montanez said his brother or his father could possibly be the one who impregnated Victoria Rodriguez (Poe’s possible biological mother).

“At first I felt ashamed to come out but it will also be good for our family if the questions are answered,” Montanez told Inquirer. “I do not know the truth. Only the DNA tests will tell,” he added.

The Sytherin House is one of the four houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter series. Salazar Slytherin, founder of the house, believed that only the pure-blood can be rightful wizards.

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