Harrison Barnes In Team USA: Better Than DeMar DeRozan?

Harrison Barnes In Team USA: Better Than DeMar DeRozan?
Harrison Barnes Matthew Addie / Flickr cc
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Should Harrison Barnes replace DeMar DeRozan’s place for the rotation of Team USA for the 2016 Rio Olympics?


Comparing DeMar DeRozan with Harrison Barnes, Josh Bowe of SB Nation said that the former is neither a great shooter or defender.

However, he has already plated 58 minutes for the Olympics. On the other hand, Harrison Barnes is undoubtedly a good shooter and defender but was not given minutes for the games.

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He said, “This isn’t a case of Barnes being a better player than DeRozan. The gap between DeRozan and Barnes talent level as singular NBA players is wider than the Grand Canyon.”

However, DeRozan is also reportedly being criticized for not being a good defender for Team USA. It can be recalled hat USA has a net sharing of -30 when DeRozan in on the floor. He has also notably defended and scored poorly compared to other players.

DeRozan is also called a slasher who is just “great with the ball in his hands and knifing into the defense.”

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The report even added that Harrison Barnes had played worthy minutes.

The report added, “The problem with Team USA is they have enough scoring — if someone is going to demand the ball, they need someone who can distribute and while DeRozan has made strides the last few years as a playmaker, he’s not a floor general.”

On Harrison Barnes, Josh Bowe said, “He should be able to fill the same role with Team USA as he did with Golden State, where better players can create his open looks and his defensive versatility can be crucial.”

Meanwhile, Twitter is mocking Harrison Barnes for joining Team USA in the Rio Olympics.

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Many have pointed out how Harrison Barnes was just being an onlooker in the bench without being given minutes to play for a game.

One said, “Harrison Barnes got a free trip to Rio, a chance to walk in the Olympic ceremony, and free boarding on a cruise. Doesn’t even have to sweat!”

“Harrison Barnes really got free courtside seats to the entire Olympics,” another one said.

Harrison Barnes has won a championship under the Golden State Warrior. He helped the team to clinched 73 games with a $95 million contract from the Dallas Mavericks.

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