HARMAN Places Microsoft Office 365 In Car To Make Driving More Productive

HARMAN Places Microsoft Office 365 In Car To Make Driving More Productive
Microsoft Office 365 Logo Microsoft Sweden / Flickr CC BY 2.0

HARMAN Connected Car Systems, in collaboration with Microsoft Productivity Services, has realized the vision of a connected car. And what better way for a driver to connect with daily life than with the help of the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite.


Imagine making your drive to work (or to anywhere else) more productive than it has ever been before. HARMAN envisions a world for drivers where they can readily do just about any of their usual tasks while remaining behind the wheel and while being able to drive safely. This is precisely why several elements of the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite capabilities were integrated into the HARMAN infotainment systems.

While on a drive in a HARMAN-equipped vehicle, drivers can readily hear and respond to their emails. They will also be able to schedule meetings and even manage some events and tasks while still in the car. Moreover, they will also be able to join conference calls without having to manually enter a passcode or a phone number. And when in park or cruising inside an autonomous vehicles, drivers can also be able to take Skype calls or do Skype conferences.

Microsoft Executive Vice President of Business Development Peggy Johnson believes that having Office 365 into HARMAN’s connected car systems will not only “provide new productivity solutions,” but also “transform the driving experience.” This way, driving hours will be more productive while remaining safe. Moreover, HARMAN Connected Car President Phil Eyler says that this way, everyone’s driving will be more personalized, but with “minimal driver distraction.”

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Want to see how this works? You can visit the HARMAN showcase at the CES 2016 for some connected car demonstrations.

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