Harambe Or The Kid? Man Saved By Gorilla 30 Years Ago Weighs In

Harambe Or The Kid? Man Saved By Gorilla 30 Years Ago Weighs In
Silverback Gorilla @ Cincinnati Zoo Justin·Doles via Compfight cc
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A man who once fell into an enclosure of several adult gorillas and was saved by one of them, spoke on the recent incident in the Cincinnati Zoo that lead to the shooting of Harambe, the 17-year-old gorilla.


Did the zoo personnel who shot dead Harambe make the right decision? Apparently for Levan Merrit, 35, they did the right decision. The video of the kid who circulated online showing how Harambe threw him in the air and stood over the child, brought back familiar memories Merrit experienced himself some 30 years ago.

He was only five when he accidentally fell into an enclosure of not one, but several gorillas. But in his case, he told the Sun, one gorilla, named Jambo, did not show any aggressive behavior towards him. Instead, the same gorilla even protected him from the rest of a band of gorilla. He survived unscathed and without the need to shoot the mighty giant.

He, however, said the zoo personnel in the Cincinnati Zoo made the right decision, who were by that time, had to weigh in whether to rescue a human life or an endangered animal, a western lowland silverback. They chose the former.

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“I know what it’s like to come face to face with an enormous gorilla — absolutely terrifying. But my experience taught me they are also incredibly caring. I went back to Jersey to see Jambo five or six times and I felt a bond with him. They even gave me a stuffed gorilla toy, which I still have,” Levan was quoted as saying by the Sun.

The three-year-old kid’s family, for her part, thanked those who responded and saved her son from the imminent danger. The family, however said in a statement, that they understand those who were saddened by the death of Harambe, the CBS News reported.

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