Happy National Weed Day!

Happy National Weed Day!
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Today, April 20, is National Weed Day. It’s commonly referred to as the 420 Day. This day is being celebrated across the country for pot smokers to gather together and smoke simultaneously.


But even to this day, the story behind the 420-Day remains a mystery to many. There were several explanations attempted to explain the mystery behind this number. Some would claim that the numbers 420 is the code used by police when responding to pot session in progress, the Time wrote.

There were also those who have even related the number to the birthday of the infamous Nazi German dictator, Adolf Hitler. But none of these are true. In fact, the most credited claim to have coined the number 420 is a group of high school students from San Rafael High School in California.

The teens called themselves Waldos and would say 420 as a code when they want to smoke cannabis. One of the teens, has a brother who had a connection with the band Grateful Dead. The band apparently popularized the term.

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To make the story short, Steve Bloom, former High Times Magazine reporter got hold of a flyer that invited people to smoke marijuana in the guise of the code ‘420’ on April 20, at exactly 4:20 p.m.

The HuffPost has traced the Waldos, but the guys, who were credited for coining the term refused to be named. But they were identified anyway, as Waldo Steve, Waldo Dave, Waldo Mark, etc.

The Waldos’ code was so popular not only among pot smokers. But even in the mainstream. In fact, the proposed medical marijuana law, when it was lobbied in 2003 was given the code SB 420.

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