Happy Birthday, Prince Harry!

Happy Birthday, Prince Harry!
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Prince Harry is celebrating his 31st birthday but his beard, which he had been sporting since coming from Africa, is taking the spotlight off from him. Not even his very touching gesture of giving up a seat aboard the WW2 British aircraft, the Splitfire, for the last surviving veteran took the attention away from his ginger beard.


Prince Harry arrived at Goodwood Aerodrome in UK’s West Sussex to attend the RAF flypast air show marking the 75th anniversary of UK’s victory in the Battle of Britain. According to a report from The Telegraph, Prince Harry was supposed to fly one of the four Spitfires flying for the show. However, one of the planes had mechanical problems and the longest surviving veteran, Tom Ginger Neil, of the Battle of Britain had been bumped off due to the problem. But Prince Harry chose to sacrifice his seat for the 95-year-old veteran. He also made sure that war amputees, Nathan Forster and Corporal Alan Robinson were included in the flight.

This chivalrous deed by the Prince went by unnoticed by the many fans that were giggly of his ginger beard. According to tweets seen by the Daily Mail, fans find Prince Harry’s beard hot and sexy. One tweet reads, “’Isn’t Prince Harry a sexy thing with his ginger beard? Yum Yum!” Another tweet goes, “The bday boy looking hotter than ever.” Daily Mail had also spotted a Twitter account specially dedicated to Prince Harry’s beard. See here.

Meanwhile, ELLE UK said that with the new beard, Prince Harry may actually be the next Ryan Gosling. The magazine listed 30 things that make Prince Harry hotter than ever. Among the reasons are he looks good with his shirt on and off; the prince is never afraid to make fun of himself; he called Prince William “dude” several times while giving his best man speech; he had recently knighted by the queen; and he made poker-faced Kanye West smile one time.

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