Happy 137th Birthday, Albert Einstein!

Happy 137th Birthday, Albert Einstein!
Albert Einstein From Pixabay

Today is the 137th birthday of Albert Einstein, one of the most celebrated scientists of the 20th century whose work revolutionized the world of science. Born in Ulm, Germany, on March 14, 1879, Einstein went on to be known as a widely popular personality in the scientific community.


As noted by Tucson News Now, he is mostly known for his studies on the photoelectric effect, his publications on Special and General Relativity, his work on Brownian motion, and his work on Mass-energy equivalence. His contribution towards Theoretical Physics, especially the discovery of the law of photoelectric effect, earned him the coveted Nobel Prize.

On April 18, 1955, he passed away in Princeton, New Jersey. He was 76.

His cremation occurred without any funeral services, and only 15 of his relatives and friends were present, the New York Daily News reported. His cremation was attended by one of his two sons from his first marriage – Hans, a scientist at the California Institute of Technology. The cause of Einstein’s death was determined to be internal bleeding from a ruptured aorta. He was cremated after his vital organs were removed at his request to be studied for research.

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Dr. Guy Dean, Einstein’s physician, said, “Dr. Einstein was alert, conscious and his usual kind, shy self. However, and sever pain, greater than he had ever had before.” The doctors had even proposed an operation, but Dean said Einstein “violently and vehemently opposed it.”

Born in Germany, the great scientist spent his childhood in Munich and completed his university studies from Zurich, Switzerland. His ground-breaking theory of relativity, which has reshaped the scientific world, was first published in 1905. The well known formula – E equals MC squared (where E is energy, M is mass and C the speed of light) – is believed to have been worked out by him on the back of an envelope.

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