Gymnast Alexa Moreno Too Fat For Rio Olympics 2016?

Gymnast Alexa Moreno Too Fat For Rio Olympics 2016?
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Alexa Moreno is a Mexican athlete with a bright future ahead of her. Recently, though, some body shamers have taken to social media, pointing out that Moreno is bulkier than other gymnastics athletes.


The 22-year-old proudly competed in a series of gymnastic competitions at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. At the artistic gymnastics qualifications, Moreno showed off her skill during the floor exercise, beam, vault, and uneven bars. In the end, she managed to finish in 31st place.

Alexa Moreno Shamed For Her Body

Following this, a recent report from Mashable reveals that a number of people started attacking Moreno on social media. One comment reads, “Alexa Moreno has the body of two gymnasts, a diet before going to Rio could have been good.”

Meanwhile, another posted, “Alexa Moreno, another example of pseudo athletes sent by the CONADE [Mexico’s National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport] just to fulfill the quota.”

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Meanwhile, one user even posted a picture of cartoon character Peppa Pig, referring to it as “exclusive pictures of Alexa Moreno at the end of her gymnastic routine.”

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People Come To Alexa Moreno’s Defense

As this happened, several people came to Moreno’s defense. One mom even wrote a letter to Moreno in her blog saying, “Today I would like to tell you that you are beautiful and admirable.” She also said that people who are out to body shame her are simply “nothing more than a string of envious people who have achieved nothing in life.”

Meanwhile, others also spoke out to support Moreno. One said, “Body shamers-really? Can you sprint 82 ft & propel your body head over heals? She’s amazing & inspiration to young Mexicans.”

Another posted, “Unless you’re capable of doing what #AlexaMoreno can do. Don’t comment on anything other than what an accomplishment it is to be an Olympian.”

Meanwhile, Moreno is still competing in the Olympics and looking good doing it.

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