Gwen Stefani Bringing Up Gender Discrimination In ‘The Voice’?

Gwen Stefani Bringing Up Gender Discrimination In ‘The Voice’?
gwen_stefani_1920_1200_may122010 Zoltán Szabó / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Is it gender discrimination on The Voice that is bothering Gwen Stefani? The singing sensation recently mentioned that she would prefer two female judges on the show. Gwen even thinks viewers would love the idea of more girl power on the show.


Blake Shelton, 39, will reprise his role as coach this season. However, with the return of Christina Aguilera, Gwen has not been given the chance to push the button. She would like to return on the show as the fifth coach.

Hollywood Life reports a source saying, “Gwen thinks there should be at least two female coaches on The Voice. She’s always thought that and would be thrilled to be a coach on the show alongside Christina. She has no problem with her at all and thinks the show would benefit from having more female energy. ” 

The source has also said, “Gwen thinks the viewers and contestants would also welcome the idea. Now the only question is if Christina wants to share the spotlight with another gorgeous woman?” Currently, Christina Aguilera is the only female coach on The Voice. Chances of a female coach winning increases if Gwen Stefani joins the panel.

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The show has reached season 10 only five years after its debut, Los Angeles Times reports. Season 1 started on April 26, 2011, which means the show premieres twice a year.

Creator of the show Mark Burnett does not believe there is gender bias in selecting the coaches per season. He said, “Just so you know, it is just the way it works out. There is nothing behind it, I want to be authentic with my answer and there is nothing behind it.” 

He added, “It just works out that way. But absolutely we discuss all the time, we don’t care if on The Voice there were three women and one guy or whatever order. It is just the way it works out every year.”

Gwen Stefani can now rest assured there is no gender discrimination in The Voice. We hope to see two female judges in the next season, even more.