Guns N’ Roses Reunion 2016 Finally Happening

Guns N’ Roses Reunion 2016 Finally Happening
Photo Credit: cristianek via Compfight cc
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The rock n’ roll boys are back in town! After several months of speculation as to whether the Guns N’ Roses reunion 2016 will happen, the comeback has finally been confirmed. Not only will the rock and roll band perform at Coachella 2016, they may also go on tour for the year. Additionally, Slash and Duff McKagan are going to retain their roles in the band as well.


During an interview last August of 2015, Slash revealed that his long-term rift with fellow Guns N’ Roses band mate, Axl Rose, has finally come to an end. After several years of not speaking to one another and blowing off performances because of their rift, the boys have settled their differences. Since then, fans have been anticipating a comeback from the band. In fact, most thought that a Guns N’ Roses reunion 2016 performance will occur.

Consequently, Ultimate Classic Rock reported that, indeed, the boys are going to reunite this year. A press release instituted by Guns N’ Roses Coachella lineup reads,

Upholding a three-decade tradition of breaking ground, creating trends, and forever changing the face of rock ‘n’ roll, Guns N’ Roses announce the most significant and anxiously awaited musical event of this century. Founder Axl Rose and former members Slash and Duff McKagan will regroup to headline the Coachella Music & Arts Festival (April 15-17 & April 22-24)—as announced last night!

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For months, critics and audiences alike have generated immense excitement and speculation over the possible regrouping of the iconic line-up. The April performances will mark the first time since 1993 the Gunners will share the stage for what is certain to be an explosive event. For more information please visit

This means that three of the original band members would be performing live and together for the first time in years.

In other news, Rolling Stone discussed as to who would fill the unconfirmed positions left for the upcoming Coachella 2016 Guns N’ Roses performance. Since Izzy Stradlin, the rhythm guitar for the band left since 1991, will he join the reunion as well? If he doesn’t, who will fill his spot?

The report indicates that the rhythm guitar spot may be filled by Matt Sorum, the musician who joined the band and worked with Slash and Duff during the early 2000s. Provided that he is already attuned to the band’s material, he might be signed up for the role already, although no confirmation is available yet.

Other members of the band that would get to play at the legendary Guns N’ Roses Reunion 2016 at Coachella 2016 would be keyboard player Dizzy Reed who has worked with the boys since 1990. The original band members Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan will retain their roles. Despite the confirmed performance as a group once more, there has been no further confirmation as to whether they will continue performing for a tour throughout the year.