Guatemalan President Pérez Molina Called To Resign For Alleged Massive Corruption

Guatemalan President Pérez Molina Called To Resign For Alleged Massive Corruption
Otto Perez Molina World Economic Forum (Photo by Michael Wuertenberg) / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

Thousands joined in a march calling for the ousting of Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina who is accused by citizens of having participated in massive corruption, Latino Fox News reports. In May, Vice-President Roxana Baldetti already resigned and is currently detained for a pending trial without bail.


Marchers, mostly composed of businessmen, students, teachers, and peasants to mention a few, gathered at Guatemalan capital historic center, urging the President to step down.

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“Resign, Mr. President,” the marchers said while simultaneously waving the flags fronting the National Culture Palace, where the presidential press office and Ministry of Culture office are situated. Both offices are closed on Thursday, according to the news.

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“They stole a billion from us each year in ‘La Linea.’ That’s the annual salary of all the [country’s] police forces for eight years,” read one sign displayed by a protester. “I have no president. I fired him for being a criminal,” read another sign.

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Guatemala’s Congress is reportedly deliberating whether to cancel the president’s immunity from prosecution and consequently allow the investigative body to probe into his alleged participation in the “La Linea” case rooted in the customs bureau. The Attorney General’s office of Guatemala and U.N-sponsored Comisión Internacional contra la Impunidad en Guatemala or the CICIG anti-impunity commission communicated to lawmakers a formal request to pave the way for the president’s prosecution.