GTA 6 Rumors: Most Feasible Release Date Is 2016 But Fans Still Hoping For Earlier Launch

The best bet for Grand Theft Auto 6” is 2018, following the usual 4 to 5-year timeline that Rockstar Games follows for this franchise. And while that seems to be the most logical conclusion, some are still stubbornly hoping otherwise.


Rockstar has kept a tight lid on GTA 6, and the best that they could comment is that the game is in the early stages of development.

GamesCom 2016 is done and no GTA 6 came up. The next key event is the Sony PlayStation event this September, which many are eager to see.

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Though the event is expected to be about the PlayStation 4 Neo and the PS Slim, some are associating GTA 6 to the event since it is one of the best games for Sony’s game console.

If not the Sony PlayStation event, the wait on any update for GTA 6 is not expected to die down. Other events following like E3 2017 and so on are likely to be plagued by rumors to the popular game.

What is there to expect from GTA 6?

With the launch date best hands-off right now, it could be better to consider what the game will bring.

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Among the rumored features of Grand Theft Auto 6 include the possibility of seeing the game being VR-ready. There is also the possibility of adding other regions to the game.

In GTA 5, absent were San Fierro and Las Venturas, two missing pieces to complete San Andreas. London is another region that can be added as well though it will be interesting how the culture can fit in to the game theme, per Digital Spy.

Lastly and with the belief that the PS5 or even the Xbox Two could be out by 2018, seeing GTA 6 by then makes all the sense in the world.

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