‘GTA 6’ Location Set In Jacksonville? See More Details & Latest Rumors Here

‘GTA 6’ Location Set In Jacksonville? See More Details & Latest Rumors Here
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Rockstar Games has yet to make an official announcement regarding the status of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6). With that said, it would be fair to say that gamers may have many more years ahead of them before the next installment comes around.


With GTA 6 still unconfirmed, the grapevine and GTA fans are expected to speculate like crazy. Reports claim that with the dawn of virtual reality, Rockstar will adopt this technology in the same way other game developers are doing.

Aside from that, the actual plot or gameplay is something that others may be interested in. There are claims that GTA 6 could use some sort of time-travelling angle, while others touch on the location. Word has it that the game setting could take place in London or Japan though all those are purely rumors.

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GTA 6 Staying In US Waters?

Though those takes on the game setting of GTA 6 loom as credible, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually in the works. Rockstar could be brainstorming as we speak and there is one credible location that makes a lot of sense.

The region in mention is Jacksonville, a suburban location that is not free from crime infestation. The thought alone accounts for a workable storyline for GTA 6, seeing how the game easily fits in to that scenario.

Despite the fact that Jacksonville looms as a great setting for GTA 6, it doesn’t go beyond the walls of Grand Theft Auto rumors. San Diego is another place being rumored before, just in case Jacksonville is not the territory where the game could be set.

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More regions are likely to be tossed, even outside the US borders. But in reality, unless Rockstar Games comes out with something gamers can hold on to, GTA 6 is still technically a fantasy game until developers come up with a credible game to play.

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