GTA 5 Online Update: ‘Power Play’ DLC Brings New Adversary Mode, Supercar and More on PS4, Xbox One, PC Editions

GTA 5 Online Update: ‘Power Play’ DLC Brings New Adversary Mode, Supercar and More on PS4, Xbox One, PC Editions
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The latest GTA 5 Online update swaps realism for all-out carnage and destruction. The new DLC, which is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, features a ridiculously entertaining Adversary mode, new VIP missions, new crime boss offices and the game’s fastest supercar.


The new Power Play Adversary mode pits two teams against one another in three distinct warzones: Aircraft Carrier, Vespucci Beach, and Bolingbroke Prison. While the skirmish is going on, players can acquire six unique power-ups to help their team win. These are Beasted, Zoned, Doped, Raging, Flipped and Dark.

According to Daily Star, the power-ups are large rotating coins scattered around the maps. When acquired, some power-ups will boost the team’s abilities while others weaken opponents instead. Beasted, for instance, turns players into over-powered werewolves, while Flipped inverts the camera controls of the opposing team.

Players can boot the new Power Play Adversary mode by navigating through the GTA 5 loading screen. Those who access the mode now through June 27 will earn double RP and in-game cash, as per Games Radar. They will also have a shot at receiving a free supercar t-shirt just by logging in.

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Speaking of supercars, the latest GTA 5 Online update adds the absurdly-fast Grotti X80 Proto to the game’s Legendary Motorsport roster. The Grotti X80 Proto is now the fastest supercar in the game and will set players back $2.7 million in GTA 5 currency.

VG24/7 reported that the DLC does not include any new weapons. However, some existing weapons will get new drum magazines and magazine boxes.

The GTA 5 Online update will add three new customizable offices so that crime bosses can expand their nefarious businesses. Lastly, players will be treated to three new VIP missions — Trading Places, Headhunter and Airfreight and Haulage.

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