GTA 5 DLC For Valentine’s Day: Part 2 Of Lowriders To Release Sooner

GTA 5 DLC For Valentine’s Day: Part 2 Of Lowriders To Release Sooner
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GTA 5 DLC for Valentine’s Day will be released on Feb 14. However, Part 2 of Lowriders DLC will not be available with it. This is the common assumption of fans and critics who believe it will come out days prior to that.


Lowriders DLC Part 2 may come between February 7 and 11. Some say that it will come out on the 9th as it is a Tuesday, the favorite day of Rockstar Games. New masks, clothing, and holiday content can come in addition to that.

Two new weapons may be added to the Lowriders DLC Part 2. The Double Barrel Shotgun and the Compact Rifle are expected to be there.

There have been various content for GTA 5 DLC online, but gamers are not happy with how there is not much for story mode. The story of the game has to be developed. However, current news suggests that single-player mode story-based DLC is going to happen.

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A file on the framework of the game was found to suggest that more than one story-based GTA 5 DLC is planned by the company. It is also expected that Rockstar will release some paid DLC for players. However, it is not sure how players will be taking the paid offering.

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