‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Christina Yang Return Confirmed? Sandra Oh Gives More Clues

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Christina Yang Return Confirmed? Sandra Oh Gives More Clues
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Fans of Grey’s Anatomy, ABC’s longest running medical drama series, have been expecting Sandra Oh to reprise her role as Christina Yang for long, and there have also been rumours about her possible return on the Season 13 of the season. However, there has not been an official confirmation on her return as of yet.


The murmur was, the 13th instalment, which would focus on the original characters, is going to bring back Oh as Yang. It was also being speculated that a love triangle between Yang, Owen and Amelia is also possible.

According to Kelly McCreary, who plays Meredith Grey’s half-sister, Maggie Pierce,  Shonda Rhimes is planning to dive deeper into the remaining original characters of the show that include Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey, and Richard Webber.

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“After such a long period of time and so many new people coming in and out, they remain the foundational characters of the show,” McCreary was quoted as saying by TV Guide. “We’re gonna be spending some more time with them to check in with where they are. The way that we spent time with Meredith last season, exploring the major shift in her life, the loss of Derek, I think we can expect to see those doctors being explored where they are in this moment, all these years later, the changes that they’ve gone through.”

According to some of the followers of Grey’s Anatomy , Christina’s return to the show could be possible in Meredith’s time of grief. However, according to Inquistr, her return may not be desirable for her former lover Owen and his wife Amelia.

Sandra Oh herself has dropped a hint back in June that a return to Grey’s Anatomy could be on books for her.

“And wait – my TV husband has a new TV wife?? Xqueez me?” the caption of a photo showing Oh with Kevin McKidd that she shared back in June read. “I don’t think so, Ha! Owen what r u thinking??”

However, according to a report by Wetpaint, Christina’s return won’t be happening anytime soon and there has been no confirmation on the rumours as well.

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