‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is Back With Women Empowerment, Spoilers Suggest Problem In Owen’s Life

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is Back With Women Empowerment, Spoilers Suggest Problem In Owen’s Life
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“Grey’s Anatomy” has premiered last week and it is already focusing on the issue of women empowerment. The medical drama has always seen being more concerned about women being on top but the current season has made it a point to bring it in the front from the first episode.


Miranda Bailey played by Chandra Wilson has secured her career goals in the first episode of the new season. She is now the first-ever female chief of surgery in the hospital. The way she achieved it was dramatic. She had close completion and thus she decided to make the presentation from the operating room during a surgery.

Wilson said in the interview, “Bailey was always senior this and chief of the residents and her ascension was a long time coming,” adding, “People have been watching Bailey since the beginning to try to hit that goal — she’s talked about it a few times — and it’s cool to see somebody hit the mark that they’ve been pursuing for a long time. That means a lot, especially to young girls.”

The show has dealt with several issues in its nearly 250 episodes. It has inspired a lot of women to go to medical school. This year, the show has added more characters for season 12.

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Sarah Drew who had baby last season said, “The number of female surgeons has surged since the beginning of this show — and that’s insane,” adding, “The fact that we get to go to work and change the world a little bit? It’s pretty nuts.”

As far as “Grey’s Anatomy” spoilers are concerned, Mark Ausiello hinted about some trouble in Owen’s life. He mentioned, “Somebody comes along during the season from Owen’s past,” adding, “ignites a lot of things in Owen and causes real problems for him.”

April is hopeful about a reconciliation with Jackson. Drew said, “She is tenacious to a fault and persistent. She believes in her marriage vows. She believes there’s no possibility of divorce in her mind — that might not be exactly the same for Jackson. It’s going to be a really, really long process to try and get back into his good graces, but she’s fighting.”

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