Greg Hardy Is A Liar And Deserves To Stay Out Of The NFL: Reports

Greg Hardy, former Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys defensive end, hasn’t attracted any teams in free agency. But that’s not because of his on-field talents but rather the domestic violence incident attached to him for the last two years.


Hardy, a former Pro Bowler, told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that he has never hit a woman. Seriously? So, ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder just dreamed up serious allegations that included “Hardy throwing her against a bathroom wall, throwing her on a bed covered with assault rifles, choking her and threatening her life”?

Sure. Also, let us ignore the dozens of photos of cuts and bruises that Holder claims were inflicted by Hardy.

Barely minutes after Hardy’s comments aired on ESPN, Steve Smith Sr. took to Twitter to blast his former Carolina Panthers teammate. “So I guess she (Holder) tripped on the carpet or something.”

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Back in 2014, when four other NFL players were involved in domestic violence situations, Smith had pleaded his peers to stop abusing women. “You know it’s not that hard get. Keep your damn hands off women. God made women for you to lean on them, not beat on them,” he said at the time.

Fox Sports hit the nail on the head: “The 2013 Pro Bowler wants you to forget about the terrible things people say he’s done. He wants you to change your mind about him. He has a good agent, a better lawyer, and a plan that might just work.”

Does Greg Hardy deserve another chance?

Will Hardy’s plan to clean up his public image work? Earlier on Tuesday, Schefter appeared on the Dan Patrick Show to reveal his takeaway from the interview with Hardy. “I went in with the idea that this guy is a monster. I came out of there with a very different feeling. This is a guy who has managed to say the wrong things at the wrong time. I found him to be a changed kind of guy.”

Schefter’s newfound perspective is interesting. But is there a GM out there desperate enough to bring back a publicity nightmare like Hardy? Also, there are plenty of character witnesses who can testify against Hardy. Even though Holder refused to testify against him, to reach an out-of-court settlement, the court maintained that Hardy did commit acts of violence.

Even though the court accepted Holder’s pictures as legitimate, Hardy claims they were doctored. “Pictures are pictures, and they can be made to look like whatever they want to. I didn’t say I didn’t do anything wrong. That situation occurred and that situation was handled, but as a man you can’t avoid situations that aren’t your fault or are your fault,” Greg Hardy said in a statement.

Is there an NFL team willing to give Greg Hardy a second chance? Probably not.

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