‘Grantchester’ Season 2 Finale Cliffhanger Stale And Boring?

‘Grantchester’ Season 2 Finale Cliffhanger Stale And Boring?
Robson Green and James Norton filming Grantchester on Clare College Bridge Punting Cambridge/Wikimedia Commons CC

The second season of the detective drama set in a 1950s Cambridgeshire village, “Grantchester,” came to an end on the commercial TV network “ITV.” Viewers think it lacks the dazzle the first season had.


On the last episode of Grantchester season 2, Sidney Chambers’ mind was turned upside down when his old pal Reverend Sam Milburn (portrayed by Andrew Knott) went to the parish and attempted to find forgiveness for his illegal activities.

The situation became complicated when Harding Redmond found out that Reverend Sam has already returned and is threatening to inflict pain on him. Redmond ran away from the place as a result. Sidney feared the worst when his friend went missing, so he again partnered with Geordie to investigate.

While the finale was exciting, fans felt it was not as exciting as the first season’s. According to Telegraph, there is problem with the Grandchester’s season 2 finale.

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“It was the absence of the period dazzle that had made the first series a valentine to a halcyon England of sponge cake and whist drives,” the site pinpointed.

“The visual palette of the show was as downbeat as the central plot, with even heartthrob Sidney’s pad at the vicarage portrayed as dank and grim. Perhaps the producers had concluded they could not possibly top Norton’s Mr Darcy moment and didn’t bother trying,” the site added.

Still, the unsatisfactory finale does not merit the show’s cancellation. The fact that people are so in tuned with the ending means they are vested in the series. As stated by Moviepilot, the ITV Press Centre already announced that “Grantchester” will return to ITV for a third series.

The drama series starred the English actor James Norton as Sidney Chambers and actor and television presenter Robson Green as Geordie Keating. Both will return in Grantchester season 3.

When the drama series debuted on October 2014, it attracted a series average of 6.6 million viewers. “Grantchester” season 2 rated very high each week it has been on air. The series currently has around 6.6 million viewers.

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