Grammy Awards 2016 Mishaps: Lady Gaga Tribute To David Bowie, Adele’s Performance

Grammy Awards 2016 Mishaps: Lady Gaga Tribute To David Bowie, Adele’s Performance
Lady Gaga performing “Bad Romance” at Roseland Ballroom. Vladimir / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

If the intention of Lady Gaga is to remind people how amazing David Bowie was, she must have succeeded in her performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards. But various media outlets are accusing her of being an “imitator.”


The tribute of Lady Gaga to David Bowie, who passed away in January at age 69 from liver cancer, was one of the most anticipated and hyped moments in the music event.

Like David Bowie, Lady Gaga is a hugely original talent whose look and sound have been subject to frequent changes. And like Bowie, Lady Gaga is famous for self-empowering messages, fashion, and live performances.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “It should have been a match made in heaven, but it wasn’t. Rather than bringing her own unique take on Bowie’s music, Lady Gaga came across like a second-rate imitator, belting out the tracks in a voice that lacked subtlety or variation. The dance moves of Lady Gaga were flat, the drama in the songs obscured by the sameness of the arrangements.”

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Moving on, LA Times states that just as the netizens stopped reeling over a surprisingly below average Grammys performance from “Rolling In The Deep” hitmaker Adele, the English singer and songwriter took to Twitter and explained about what happened during her performance of “All I Ask.”

Adele posted, “the piano mics fell onto the piano strings, that’s what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune.”

Adding mishaps to the event, as stated by The Guardian, Rihanna and Lauryn Hill didn’t show up due to illness; rapper Kendrick Lamar didn’t completely clean up either, beaten by the twin pop powers of the 26-year-old Taylor Swift and 40-year-old DJ and singer Mark Ronson.