Grab Tissues! Father Of The Bride Grabs Stepdad’s Hand To Join Him In The Aisle

Grab Tissues! Father Of The Bride Grabs Stepdad’s Hand To Join Him In The Aisle
Photo Scott Webb / Unsplash

Every time stepdad, Todd Cendrosky, tried on tuxedos in preparation for the wedding of his stepdaughter, Brittany Peck, he kept reminding himself that he will be sitting with the crowd. After all, he is not the father of the bride. The real father gets to walk the bride down the aisle, just like any other wedding.


But a few seconds before the wedding starts, as the wedding song started playing, he felt someone grabbed his hand. It was the hand of Todd Bachman, Peck’s biological father, and he wanted them both to walk ‘their daughter’ down the aisle.

“Every time we tried on tuxes — or did some planning — it crossed my mind that I’d be sitting in the crowd, not walking her down the aisle,” Cendrosky told He said that Bachman came and grabbed his hand and told him, “You worked as hard as I have. You’ll help us walk our daughter down the aisle.”

“I got weak in the knees and lost it. Nothing better in my life the most impactful moment in my life,” Cendrosky said of the moment.

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The precious moment was captured by photographer Delia Blackburn. According to the photographer Bachman brought his daughter at the end of the aisle. Bachman then stopped the procession. Everybody was confused until Bachman walked up to Cendrosky, reached out his hand and pulled him down the aisle to walk the bride.

“NOT A DRY EYE at the ceremony..including me! Families are what we make them…make it about your kids and not your ego. Congratulations Todd Bachman on showing your kids what true love really is…love for your children,” Blackburn said of the moment.

Bachman opens his heart in explaining his gesture. “For me to thank him for all the years of helping raise OUR daughter wouldn’t be enough. There is no better way to thank somebody than to assist me walking her down the aisle,” he told WKYC.

Get ready with your tissues. Click to see photos here.