Gotham Update: Jada Pinkett Smith Returns As Fish Mooney, Motion Comic Released

Gotham Update: Jada Pinkett Smith Returns As Fish Mooney, Motion Comic Released
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Gotham may be on a mid-season break, but the show’s production companies, Fox, Warner Bros. TV, and DC Entertainment revealed that they are in the process of making a five-part motion comic entitled “Gotham Stories,” which will feature the first and second parts of the current season.


While the “X-Files” are currently being featured on Fox, 30-second motion comic clips will feature “Gotham Stories,” the show’s sneak peek for Gotham’s return this February, reports IGN. There will also be 60-second clips that will be featured for each of the season’s episodes in the source’s official website.

The first clip shows that Penguin’s reign in Gotham will be tested as a brand new villain will show his abilities to lead in the upcoming mid-season premiere.

In other news, TV Series Finale reports that Jada Pinkett Smith will be back this mid-season premiere as Fish Mooney. The character was last seen washed away in Gotham City’s harbor during the series’ first season finale. Since then, there were no confirmations as to whether Mooney survived that fall or whether her role will comprise of flashbacks in the upcoming series episodes.

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A press release for Gotham confirmed the actress’ return to the series: “Set to reprise her role on the hit drama GOTHAM, Pinkett Smith will be featured in a multi-episode arc during the second half of season two.”

Gotham is produced and written by Rebecca Cutter and FOX’s On-Air Promo Creative senior writer/producer, Bart Montgomery. Gotham’s script was also writer by Tony Bedard. Artwork is created by Matt Haley.

The series comprises the talents of Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin, Camren Bicondova as Cat, Nathan Darrow as Victor Fries, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, and Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney.

Catch the mid-season premiere of Gotham this February 29, 2016 on FOX.