‘Gotham’ Ben Mckenzie Mocks Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne

‘Gotham’ Ben Mckenzie Mocks Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne
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Ben McKenzie has been playing as Jim Gordon in DC TV Series Gotham since the first season in 2014. The actor has been in the shoes of a DC fictional character longer than Ben Affleck. It was evident that McKenzie would soon be questioned on his thoughts about the new Batman movie.


Recently, the Gotham actor was part of an AMA Reddit conversation. While Ben McKenzie answered many question regarding Gotham season 2, the topic soon digressed to his standpoint on Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne.

Redditor nickasaurstout questioned McKenzie to answer his “thoughts on Ben Afflecks portrayal as Batman.” The actor hilariously responded that “[Bruce Wayne/Batman played by Ben Affleck] he really cares about his mom.”

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Users on Reddit questioned whether “shots” were “fired” by McKenzie. While the actor remained hushed after his reply, fans continued the uproar on the discussion. Check out the image below to see McKenzie’s response or click here to check out the forum.

Before McKenzie’s role as Jim Gordon in Gotham, the actor voiced Bruce Wayne/Batman in DC animated feature film Batman: Year One. Furthermore, he also voiced an episode in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated as well.

Fans watched McKenzie in action as Jim Gordon in Gotham last night. The show’s season 3 pilot premiered on Fox. Moreover, critics have shared good reviews on the episode as well.

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Fox teased the arrival of Talons a.k.a. Court of Owls in Gotham as well. However, it is not confirmed if Gotham’s most dangerous villain would debut in season 3.

Fans can expect Maggie Geha’s role as Poison Ivy/ Pamela pepper in this season as well. Currently, her significance as a villain in this season remains unknown.

The actor that plays Jim Gordon on Gotham (Ben Mackenzie) talks about Affleck on his AMA. from DC_Cinematic

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