GoPro Now Comes With New Trim And Share Tool

GoPro Now Comes With New Trim And Share Tool

With a new trim-and-share tool GoPro has made sharing videos with family and friends easier than ever.


Sharing photos and videos with friends are common these days and we do it almost every day. The only constraint in sharing videos is though we intend to share only a particular scene in the video clip, we share the entire video.

Of course, there are tools to trim video footage but to be able to do it we need to transfer it to a phone or PC. We often find switching devices too tiring and therefore end up uploading the entire video, which on most occasions make the moment we are excited about go unnoticed.

To help us overcome this difficulty, GoPro has added a new feature that let us make clips of the desired moment immediately. What’s more interesting about the feature is that the moment can be trimmed into our desired length, according to Value Walk.

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Yes, the clips can be trimmed to any length, say, from 5, 15 and 30-second videos. All we have to do is click the trim icon in playback mode, choose the desired length and save the video clips. As we save, both trimmed and original videos are saved in memory, so there is no need to worry about losing the original content.

To make use of this feature it is necessary to download the latest version of GoPro Android or the iOS app and update the camera firmware, reported Gizmodo.