GoPro’s Drone: What To Expect From GoPro’s Drone Called ‘Karma’

GoPro’s Drone: What To Expect From GoPro’s Drone Called ‘Karma’
GoPro’s Karma from their teaser video

Looking forward to GoPro’s drone? GoPro has just announced the name of their drone. Find out what can we expect from them in this GoPro news report.


“What if you could move freely through this dream, your dream? Go wherever you want, experience it from any perspective? What if you could fly? That will be magic.”

In their over-a-minute teaser for their next product, which can send other drone cameras spinning down their flights, the voice over mentioned the freedom fro capture every single “magic that surrounds us everyday.”

“Life is a dream,” it further said.

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GoPro’s drone is coming, and there’s not stopping it from being launched. It has been part of rumors and speculations for a time now. It has been confirmed in the Code Conference this year, according to the Verge.

What to expect from GoPro’s drone, “Karma”?
With little information, The Verge surmises that it has a 4K filming capability, and that, like many other drones, it’s quadcopter.

You can view the other test footage here.

They were taken last October and the footage can also be found in the GoPro’s Drone teaser video below.