Google’s New ‘Chromecast’ Specs; Things You Need To Know

Google’s New ‘Chromecast’ Specs; Things You Need To Know

So Google announced in their blog that Chromecast looks and feels new. They have skipped their announcement on their big event and have posted their new products on their business blog.


So what changed in Chromecast?
First, the look. If you have a TV that’s already crowded with other devices, Chromecast’s new look will definitely fit. Google has made it easier to plug in to your TV sets.

Wi-Fi Connection is better. According to Google, the new Chromecast adapts better to the changing Wi-Fi connection and environment. It will definitely mean lesser buffering of your favorite shows from Netflix.

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Google also added new colors. How about that?

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But there’s something else Google launched that shouldn’t escape you. They have launched a new device named Chromecast Audio, which streams music instead of TV shows. You can connect this to your speakers and get to listen to the best songs you’ve always wanted to soak into.

Some of the apps that Chromecast Audio perfectly works with are Pandora, Google Play Music and Spotify. It works on iOS devices too. Get it from the Google store for $35.

The Chromecast app is also updated. You can now find things to play or watch easier. Works well with Android and iOS.

You can also get Google Photos in Chromecast because of the Chromecast support that have added. This will make sure photo slideshows can be done through the device.

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