Google Uses Chrome TouchBot To Measure Lag On Android

Google Uses Chrome TouchBot To Measure Lag On Android
Picture from Google / Google Site

Looks like search giant Google harbors serious dislike towards lag on smartphones, as the company has a machine called Chrome TouchBot, its sole purpose to spot lag between the user’s finger output and what happens on the screen.


As revealed by François Beaufort, Chrome TouchBot (a robot) is used by the Chrome OS team for the purpose of measuring touchscreen latency on Android and Chrome OS devices. Chrome TouchBot has been built by the Finnish company OptoFidelity.

The artificial digit pokes of the robot prod and swipe the display in a series of web-based tests. This procedure assists in spotting the issues in code as well as hardware.

Even though Chrome TouchBot is not the only gadget designed by Google to measure device lag, it can certainly be of great significance, keeping in mind how much the search giant’s software revolve around touch.

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