Google Smart Reply Arrives For Inbox On Desktop

Google Smart Reply Arrives For Inbox On Desktop
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Do you like the way your phone sends automatic replies to the caller when you cannot answer? Those “in a meeting/call you later” responses are a savior, aren’t they? Especially when your mother or your spouse is on the other end. Google Smart Reply, a similar service launched for Inbox’s mobile version last November, has arrived for desktops.


In case you have never used Google Smart Reply or if this is you first time hearing about it, here is what the service is about. Whenever you are replying to an email, you will be given three easy responses, which can be edited as per your requirement. You just have to select an appropriate response and hit send. You can also add or remove text from the suggested replies once you make a selection. Google has made this quick response service available for the desktop version of Inbox.

Is that all there is to Google Smart Reply? When the service was announced for smartphones, in an official blog post, Google wrote, “There’s actually a lot going on behind the scenes to make Smart Reply work. Inbox uses machine learning to recognize emails that need responses and to generate the natural language responses on the fly.”

The company further wrote, “And much like how Inbox gets better when you report spam, the responses you choose (or don’t choose!) help improve future suggestions. For example, when Smart Reply was tested at Google, a common suggestion in the workplace was ‘I love you.’ Thanks to Googler feedback, Smart Reply is now SFW :)”

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Google Smart Reply will definitely improve in time. But now, it is making complicated tasks easier for you. The mobile service was introduced for people who check their mail or work while on the go. Many times you receive project details or other information in your inbox from colleagues or potential clients. At times when you are not able to reply, a simple Thank You works. How easy would it be if Google provides you a ready-made “Thank You” or “I will get back to you soon”?

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