Google Robot Cars To Hit The Roads Of California This Summer

Google Robot Cars To Hit The Roads Of California This Summer
Il punto della situazione sullo sviluppo delle Google Car al via i test su strada Automobile Italia / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Google is all set to bring its self-driving robotic cars on the roads of California this summer. For the time being, it will be restricted within the streets of Mountain View, California with a speed not over 25 mph.


Robot cars will be really slow this time, as this would be their first venture on the road with pedestrians and traffic. This is to keep the car neighborhood-friendly. This is another success of Google after its converted self-driving Lexus hit the road in specific areas.

The small and rounded car can avoid cows on the road.

As reported earlier, the self-driving cars are already on the road and mechanical errors are quite limited. However, there were some accidents caused by them in the last few months. The software used in the self-driving car is also used in the robot cars.

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The only difference is the role of the driver. For the test, the human driver will have access to gas pedals and the steering wheel but the company has plans to remove the optional driving feature completely.